Wednesday, 2 August 2017

New Music Review #79

Ten more songs that we recommend for your ears!

Charli XCX - Boys

Charli XCX continues to go a bit more RNB and electro with this simplistic, 8-bit, Rihanna-like tune. It's not particular highbrow and a little too slow and basic compared to her bigger hits, but it has a fun rhythm. (6.5/10)

Chris Tavener - Faking Cool

'Faking Cool' is a great tongue-in-cheek indie-pop swing with a catchy underlying rhythm. Great lyrics and a neat way of avoiding swearing in the title, this is a real fun little number. (7/10)

Echotape - Forget It

'Forget It' is a catchy, mid-tempo pop-indie track with a catchy chorus that is the opposite of what the title would suggest, with a gentle, chill-out vibe flowing through it. (6.5/10)

Elles Bailey - Same Flame

'Same Flame' is a welcome little mid-tempo country number with Bailey's strong vocals matched with a familiar sounding, but memorable, guitar-twanging ditty. A great listen! (7/10)

Paytron Saint - Deckchair

'Deckchair' is a short and darkly produced indie number that's atmospheric in its sound and evocative in its structure. (6.5/10)

Reggie ‘N’ Bollie - This Is The Life

It might be the time of year that makes me recommend this, but it's a catchy, if a little generic, summer anthem that will get you up and moving. (6.5/10)

Rinngs - Oceans

With echoes of Justin Bieber's 'Sorry', it's possibly the first song I've ever heard containing the phrase 'Life coach'. 'Oceans' is a cool EDM number, and the Gotye / Kimbra vibe to the vocal works really well, and though it builds to a strong crescendo it lacks the big USP to go with its smooth production. (6.5/10)

Rupert Stroud - Heart and Soul (EP)

Landing at six tracks and opening with the titular number, the 'Heart and Soul' EP is a surprisingly dark affair with hints at an Editors vibe. The title track, with its gentle build, is my favourite of the half-dozen with its hint at a strong live tune. 'Fate' continues the smooth, swaying feel whilst 'The Truth' kicks the pace up with a feel similar to the Kooks. 'Demons', 'Spirit' and the live-sounding 'Believe', the second half of the release, continues the mix of darker production and strong vocals. At times you wish things would be a bit lighter but it's a strong collection of tracks. (6/10)

Tom Lee-Richards - Beside You

'Beside You' is a slow-paced but sultry little number with Lee-Richards distinctive vocals matched with a pleasingly layered production style. (7/10)

'Weird Al' Yankovic - Captain Underpants Theme

Taken from the surprisingly funny kids film, this is a cheesy and catchy superhero-themed songs packed with plenty of puns and a great, bouncy style familiar to fans of Yankovic. (7/10)

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