Saturday, 25 February 2017

KBPS Interview: Calum Foad

Calum Foad is a 21 year old Singer/Songwriter from Reading who has returned with a huge single called 'You and I' and we got to speak to him all about the song and his future plans!

You have a new single out called ‘You and I’. How would you describe it?
Synth-pop would be the best way to describe it. Some have described it as Human League meets One Direction, which I think is quite complementary!

It has a real bouncy, summery feel to it…
Yeah. The lyrics are a little bit sad. I don’t know how to describe it. There’s like a lost love feel to the lyrics, but we’ve made it really upbeat and hopefully people can get on board with it and sing along!

Do you have any particular influences on your music?
It was a really interesting one. The guy I made the record with over in America did lots of pop-rock bands, like Weezer and Motor City Soundtrack, but they’re obviously keeping track of all the British bands that are going over, like the 1975 and that kind of band that’s becoming big over in the States, so we definitely kind of channelled that sort of stuff. There’s a band called Prides as well, a Scottish band, who do that kind of synth-pop, and they’re a personal favourite of mine, so they were definitely a reference.

Are you a big fan of eighties music?
I absolutely am! Everything and anything from that era!

‘You and I’ was recorded in New York. Was that a good experience?
It was. That was interesting because I’d had a conversation with Mark, admiring his work. He’d asked me to send over some of my material and he asked me to come over and make a record. Obviously I was like ‘I could never afford to record with you’ but he wasn’t worried about the money and said ‘let’s make it happen’, so I went over to America and stayed with him and we did some singles.

Was it good to be part of that scene?
It was amazing. The Americans have a very different approach to music, and to Brits as well, so that was nice to see.

There’s also a video out for the single. What was it like to record that?
Very painful! They shot a lot of confetti and powder paint and threw me on a trampoline that I fell off of after about two takes! All that kind of stuff; all good fun!

Definitely suffering for your art?
That’s one way to put it!

Over on your Facebook page you can listen to an older EP…
I’ve done a couple of EPs. I did a free one called ‘Heart’ which is when I was seventeen, and  I did a second EP called ‘Flaws’ with a chap called Dan Weller, and that got released when I was nineteen, and that has on it a song called ‘Minds and Hearts’ on it, which to this day I still like playing. Obviously when you get a little bit older you look back at your older material and, not say you’re embarrassed by it, but know you could better stuff now.

Do you have any live dates coming up?
We’re currently in the process of booking some in; we’re just waiting on confirmation. I’ll be posting all that on my Facebook and Twitter.

How does your live sound compare to your singles?
It’s very similar. Being the 21st century we do make use of a lot of technology, so we’ve got lots of synths on sample pads and I play with a live drummer. I’m going to play with live synth and keys, and I play the guitar etc, so we’ve got quite a big sound and hopefully people enjoy it!

And what are your follows up for the single?
When I was over in America we did record a second single and that’s all good to go, and that’s going to be coming out in April / May time, which is all really exciting, and after that I’m going to be heading back off out to America to record the single after that! I’m going to be keeping busy.

Finally what are your big ambitions for 2017?

I’ve been pursuing music for a couple of years and I’d love to get in a position where I could say where I’d truly do it full-time, kind of have a fan base so if someone turns around to me and asks ‘what do you do’ my goal for the end of the year would be to say ‘I sing’. 

You can find out more about Calum and his music on his Facebook page and you can hear this interview and his song on Saturday 4th March 2017 on BCB 106.6FM at 6pm!

Saturday, 18 February 2017

KBPS Interview: Jazz Mino

Jazz Mino is a London based pop artist with a northern twist who has released some really incredible singles over the last few years including ‘Hurt’, ‘Suffocate’, ‘Superwoman’ and ‘Blue Eyes’, and she’s back with an exciting new song called ‘Footprints’, and we got the chance to speak to her about this record and what 2017 has in store.

You have a new single out called ‘Footprints’. How did that track come about?
When I wrote it I was playing around in the studio with my producer and he came up with this really cool sound. It just really took me back to summer time and hanging out with my friends, and flirting and sunbathing, and really enjoying the beach.

For those who have yet to hear your music, how would you describe your sound?
I’d describe it as electro-pop with a tropical house influence.

Is that the sort of music you like listening to, or just making?
I think I’ve been quite influenced by it at the moment. I’m really, really enjoying it. I’m absolutely loving Kygo and Sigala, so I think that has influenced my writing quite a lot.

You had several songs out in 2016. Would you say your sound has changed for your new single?
A little bit, yeah. I spent a lot of time doing festivals and gigs last year and spent the past few months just really working on my song writing, and writing lots, and experimenting, so I think it’s changed and developed a bit more and all I can say is that I’m really excited about ‘Footprints’ and the new sound as well!

You were also at a live date recently focussing on up-and-coming pop stars. What was that like to be part of?
It was great, really, really fun! I had an amazing time. The rest of the acts were great as well, and I’ve got a few bookings off the back of that too!

So what’s the plan for this year – is it performing live or writing?
It’s a bit of both really. I’m writing a lot at the moment and recording in the studio. I’m really focussing on the music but when it gets to the summer I’m going to be doing festivals, and supporting, so I’m really, really excited. I’m just in the middle of confirming everything at the moment so I’ll be back in the summer performing live.

When we spoke previously you talked about busking and sets around London cafes; is that something you still do?
Not at the moment, to be honest. I got lots of great opportunities towards the end of last year which has really just helped me be able to really focus on my song writing, and developing my writing and music, so I’m lucky that I get to do that. And I performed so much last year it’s really exciting to get to do something else for a little bit, but I’m really excited to getting back to singing and having a dance on stage this summer!

With you concentrating on writing and with quite a few singles under your belt, have you got any plans for an album?
I’m not sure to be honest, I’ll keep you posted! I’m doing a lot of writing and it might go into an album but I think I’m just going to see how the creativity flows and talk to my team about whether we want to release them as singles or as a big album. I’ve never done an album so it would be an exciting thing to do but we’ll see!

With the single launching what are your plans for the release?
It’s all over the internet now and I’m really excited about it. It’s been a long time coming!

And are there any video plans?
Not at the moment. It’ll be on YouTube so people can hear it but I’m just focussing on the musical aspect!

Finally, do you have any big ambitions for the rest of 2017?
One thing that’s not quite confirmed yet, but I think might happen, is doing Pride, which will be really amazing. That’s a big goal and will be an exciting experience for me this year. I’m also confirming some supports with some artists that I really love so I’m excited about that, and doing some collaborations. I think for me, that’s my main aim for this year: to really enjoy and love the music that I’m putting out for all of my fans to enjoy as well!

Find out more about Jazz Mino on her website at You can hear this interview and her new single on BCB 106.6FM ( as part of our radio show on Saturday 25th February at 6pm.

New Music Review #34

It's time for ten more great tracks that you should hear!

Creeper - Black Rain

Perhaps a little bit heavier than the music I'd normally listen to, there's something about the Evanescence-sound and building guitar work that make this much more enjoyable than the usual heavy rockers of the genre. (7/10)

The Fallen State - Nova

'Nova' is a strong slice of emo-rock with solid guitar work, clear lyrics and a building feeling to an emotive chorus. A rocker with heart it seems. (6.5/10)

Galantis - Rich Boy

'Rich Boy' perhaps wanders into the club parody territory in its sound and embracing of cliches but it has its moments of catchiness and variety that just about justify its inclusion here. (6.5/10)

Lady Gaga - John Wayne

Finally after a series of pretty lacklustre singles Lady GaGa is back with something a bit more fun and memorable. It's not her best but it has more balls and power than much of her recent stuff. (6.5/10)

Little Big Town - Better Man

Little Big Town return with another catchy country ballad with heart-felt lyrics and a gentle, involving vocal performance. Nicely done. (7/10)

Mallory Knox - Better Off Without You

Bringing a bit more energy to this clutch of songs, this new one from Mallory Knox is buzzing with power and fun and will get you moshing, perhaps. (7/10)

The Pale White - Reaction

Part of the intonation of the song title takes me back to the White Stripes' and their hit 'White Orchid', but elsewhere this indie-rock hit works on its own merits. (5/10)


After their great track 'My Type' from a few years ago, Saint Motel are back with another catchy slice of dance pop. Give this a couple of plays and you'll be singing and moving along. Plus the video is great! (7.5/10)

Sia - Helium

Taken from the soundtrack of the new 'Fifty Shades Darker' movie this is perhaps a little bland by Sia's usual standards but it's still a strong ballad, grounded by her great voice. (7/10)

Temples - Strange Or Be Forgotten

'Strange or be Forgotten' is quite an ethereal little number that takes a few listens to show its hands but when it does it becomes a pleasingly understated little number with surprising heart. (6.5/10)

New Music Review #33

Another ten songs and albums worth listening to today!

Anne-Marie - Ciao Adios

Anne-Marie continues her strong release list with this new ska-influenced single with a summery musical feel blending with club sounds and some attitude-hefty lyrics. (7/10)

Black Needle Noise - Swimming Through Dreams (LP)

With the title track an atmospheric, instrumental piece, it paves the way for six more songs of dark, Evanescence-like, rock tracks with various guest vocalists who give each track a different flavour. Focussing on the production and musical feelings, these are well orchestrated songs. (6.5/10)

Eden Royals - Time Wont Wait

'Time Won't Wait' us a catchy little indie track with hints of 'Blossoms' but with a beefier funkier production style. Very poppy but with enough indie to hold its head up high. (7/10)

Hunter Hayes - Yesterday's Song

Taking a bit of time to come to our attention this is a bouncy, perky, pop hit with a quirky and catchy chorus and a really unavoidable upbeat feel. (7/10)

James Blunt - Love Me Better

The best Tweeter on the planet (?!) returns with another loved up ballad but with some nice little throwback references in the lyrics. With a chunkier backing than we usually expect from him, this is not quite as big as, say, '1973', but it's definitely another great new single from him. (7/10)

Jamiroquai - Cloud 9

'Cloud 9' isn't JayKay's most memorable track but it's throwback sounds, beat and warming feel give it a pleasing, relaxing sound and that's not something to be sniffed at. (6.5/10)

PaoloMorena - Treasure In The Trash

With hints of Hudson Taylor or LewRey, this building indie number proves to be both catchy and singable whilst having a certain sense of vulnerability in both the lyrics and their delivery. A grower. (7/10)

Tiësto feat. Bright Sparks - On My Way

This song is a bit of an anomaly as musically it's pretty derivative of similar club-sounding tracks but there's something loveable about its beat, vibe and optimism that combats any cynicism I have for its off-the-shelf and familiar feel. (7/10)

Warren Attwell - Holding On For Something (EP)

This six-track EP is a pop-tastic collection of great little radio-friendly tunes from the Train-like bouncy number 'Under My Skin' through to the Darren Hayes-esque ballad 'Weight of the World' via the summer swagger of 'It's Not Love', with its catchy chorus; the introspective stripped back 'Aren't We All'; the gritty and growing 'Just Maybe' and the atmospheric, building 'Only When I'm With You'. 'Holding on for Something' is a very strong EP with no filler and a great selection of hooks from a singer with a big talent. (7.5/10)

Young Astronaut - Chasing El Dorado

'Chasing El Dorado' is a slowly building mid-tempo track that makes up for what it lacks in a catchy chorus with a dark and evocative production-focussed atmosphere that gives it some musical heft and beefiness that hooks you in, with slight nods to old fashioned westerns in its sound, and the chorus itself grows with each listen. (6.5/10)

New Music Review #32

Ten tracks or albums to keep you entertained today!

Calum Foad - You & I

Poppy, catchy, radio-friendly, 'You and I' is a great slice of bouncy pop that will get your feet tapping with its vocal hookery. (7/10)

The Divine Comedy - Foreverland (LP)

Though this might sound like I'm speaking ill of the dead, 'Foreverland' is an album that sounds like the one David Bowie should have released. With the lead vocalist definitely channeling the singer in vocal tone and in musical style, this is a far more upbeat and listenable album than the similar sounding final swansong from DB. Opener 'Napoleon Complex' is a fun, swinging opener to the record, with the titular follow-up building up to a gentle mid-tempo ballad complete with whistling and an evocative tropical island feel. Lead single 'Catherine the Great' is a great Tudor-sounding hit that's distinctly the band's song whilst the throwback sound works well. 'Funny Peculiar' freshens things up with a call and response style over a sweet little piano riff. 'The Pact' is a nice distraction and second single 'To The Rescue' grows after a few listens thanks to its neat strings and gentle pacing.

The subtle Sparks feeling at points is emphasised on 'How Can You Leave Me on My Own' which is great thanks to its poppy vibe and tongue-in-cheek style. I mean, how many songs end with animal noise? 'I Joined the Foreign Legion (To Forget)' and 'My Happy Place' continue the perky feel to the record whilst 'A Desperate Man' switches back to Sparks with an Egyptian vibe. 'Other People' is a joke track that feels a bit like padding - perhaps intentionally - before 'The One Who Loves You' wraps up a surprisingly enjoyable album with a mixture of styles and a wry smile permeating the tracks. (7/10)

Elbow - Little Fictions (LP)

Opening with lead single 'Magnificent (She Says)', 'Little Fictions' the new ten track album from Elbow, is pretty much what you'd expect: a downbeat, low-key collection of dark tracks. It doesn't feel like one of Elbow's best, many of the songs pretty flat, familiar and bland, and Guy Garvey's vocals not exactly thrilling my bones. Throughout the album you want something to perk up and by the time 'K2' rolls around with its off-putting echo effects the album verges on monotony. Not my sort of thing I'm afraid. (4.5/10)

Jazz Mino - Footprints

Jazz Mino has released a succession of great pop singles and though 'Footprints' is quite a bit different from her 2016 work the production is spot in and the more club focus will bring more people into her fold, and it's certainly a grower. (7/10)

Jen Gloeckner - VINE (LP)

'VINE' is an LP of eleven tracks, each a haunting, instrumental focussed number, like a cross between Enigma and Royksopp. I wouldn't say any track particularly stands out as a single, but that's not the point, as this feels more like an album album, where it's meant to be listened to as a whole, and it's a good, ethereal, listenable piece with some mesmerising electronica and production work, and a strong dream-like quality. (6.5/10)

Lupe Fiasco - Drogas Light (LP)

Weighing in at a slightly unwieldy 61 minutes, 'Drogas Light' is an album of two halves. The first half - really two thirds - is a hefty collection of rnb and urban crossovers choc-full of the usual cliches and swears, though the production is top dollar. Out of these songs its the Rick Ross & BIG K.R.I.T featuring 'Tranqillo' that impresses the most thanks to its catchy hook-filled chorus. Then from 'Kill' it takes a bit of a turn, with a funkier more danceable vibe, with 'Pick Up The Phone', 'I'm Not Designed' and 'Wild Child' a really solid threesome, so different in sound I had to check I'd not accidentally mixed up two albums. With a faster pace, more hooks and a poppier sound these are vastly superior to everything that came before it, particularly the beat-heavy 'I'm Not Designed' and the catchy 'Wild Child'. If the back end of the album was the whole one this would be a solid eight, with the first less-impressive half a bit less. (6.5/10)

Paul Menel & The Essentials - Hey, Did You Hear About Paul?

The question-based title is a mish-mash of styles and sounds, coming together neatly into a gruffly sung indie tune that moves along quite nicely. (6.5/10)

Rodina - What If

Taken from her new album this gentle yet swinging indie-pop number boasts a fun jaunty-vibe that is smooth and relaxing in equal measure. (7/10)

Steve Ravensfield - No More Love

With hints of country, this harmonised soft-rock song keeps things ticking over neatly with some strong production and a bouncy, catchy beat. (7/10)

Wild Child - Fools

With a funky electronic riff this is catchy pop-rock number which builds up neatly into a fun chorus. (7/10)

Sunday, 12 February 2017

New Music Review #31

Here are another ten tracks that are worth listening to!

ARCAVES - Out of the Blue

Something upbeat to start this blog with, this is a fun and funky piece of indie-electro-pop.(6.5/10)

Beyond Recall - Get It Right

We always like a bit of bouncy uptempo emo rock so this high-energy number from Beyond Recall ticks those boxes for this week. (7/10)

Chance The Rapper feat. Knox Fortune - All Night

The lyrics might be the definition of fag-packet-written but the poppy chorus is catchy in its simplicity and the electronic-focussed understated verses are fun enough. (6.5/10)

Katy Perry feat. Skip Marley - Chained To The Rhythm

Katy Perry returns with another poppy number. It takes a few listens to show its hand and even then the lyrics are a little tired and the pop style a tad artificial, but it's pretty radio friendly. (6.5/10)

Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa - Scared To Be Lonely

It may wear its club-influences on its sleeve but the vocals for Dua Lipa give it a bit more heart and the strings and classical theme lift it up even more. (6.5/10)

Nell Bryden - Thought I Was Meant For You

Nell Bryden is one of the stars of the music circuit and this touching ballad is another example of some of her well written and brilliantly sung material! (7/10)

Sarah Darling - Halley's Comet

Amongst all the blandly written songs we have to listen to occasionally a song stands out, and in this case it's this from Sarah Darling. Beautifully written, sung and produced, give this one more than one spin! (7.5/10)

St Francis Hotel - Stay As You Are

'Stay As You Are' is a throbbing indie-electronic number with hints of 1980s Depeche Mode or Kraftwerk. Hauntingly intriguing. (6.5/10)

Texas - Let's Work It Out

A bit of a change in musical direction for Texas, the 70s-influenced vibe suits her voice and it feels like a grower. (7/10)

Wild Beasts - Alpha Female

The verses may drag on a little, but the bassy catchy choruses work better and there's steady driving rhythm and gritty guitars that work better. (6.5/10)

New Music Review #30

Another batch of tracks recommended by our ears!

BETSY - Waiting

Her previous breakthrough single was incredible and whilst 'Waiting' doesn't compare at all BESTY's vocal power and the poppiness hold it together. (6/10)

Charlotte OC - Darkest Hour

This mid-tempo indie hit wins thanks to Charlotte OC's loveable vocals and a strong flow of music. (6.5/10)

Earl - Tongue Tied

'Tongue Tied' is a great retro-sounding pop hit that sounds like it's been dragged off the Halcyon soundtrack and given a modern polish. (7/10)

The Hunna - Piece By Piece

'Piece by Piece' is a fun little slice of indie with a good mix of riffs and a central poppy chorus. (6.5/10)

Illenium - Fractures

The club breakdown is a little cliched but the sweet Chvrches like vocals and production work sort of make up for it on the verses. (6/10)

JP Cooper - September Song

Coming to prominence in a month that's a little wrong, this is a catchy little piece of indie-op with some club-influenced moments. (7/10)

Matinee feat. Pier Ferrantini - Satellite

A slow building verse gives way to a chorus that sounds like it should be on an album by 'The Killers'. Its perhaps not as all-out as their last single but the indie-pop-electro vibes work well. (6/10)

Robbie Williams - Mixed Signals

The Killers must be kicked themselves that they gave this song away to Robbie. Sounding so much like their music aside from the vocals this a great driving mid-tempo song with a great little story central to the indie-pop-rock vibe. (8/10)

Sam Way - Home Piano / My response 2

Taken from a longer EP these two gentle stripped back tracks focus on Way's dream and listenable voice. There's perhaps a little bit of energy that could be injected here and there but they're both neat little gentle ballads with heart. (6.5/10)

Stormzy - Big For Your Boots

The lyrics might be naff at times and the video almost parody-like but the crisp production, fast flow and electronic sounds make up for it. (6/10)

Sunday, 5 February 2017

New Music Review #29

Here at KBPS we bring you some more songs to listen to and enjoy as well as an EP and two albums!

Divisionists - Daybreak (Album)

'Daybreak' is a gritty lo-fi album of twelve tracks, each strongly produced and offering a focussed indie-rock vibe that plays along well for over 45-minutes. With strong lyrics and a good mix of tempos, paces and vibes, this is a strong album to put on and chill out to that's not afraid to make it quieter when it needs to, though it does at times get a little too maudlin for its own good. (6.5/10)

Eugene Twist - Stuntman

'Stuntman' is a well produced indie number with retro throwbacks with some great changes in pace and emotion that hold your interest. (6.5/10)

Fancy Cars feat. Foy - Heart of Stone

'Heart of Stone' is a great track of electronic swagger with a catchy central chorus and some strong production effects with a big bite. (7/10)

Flora Cash - Nothing Lasts Forever (And It's Fine)

Brought to you by the sweet and listenable voice of Flora Cash this song mixes some neatly written lyrics that come with a message and a quirky, poppy electronic riff. (7/10)

Fufanu - Liability

'Liability' is a neat little mid-tempo electronic number that sounds like Kraftwerk meeting Gary Numan. Fans of that era will get much out of this fun little track. (5.5/10)

God Damn - It Bites

A little heavier than the music I would normally listen to there's still plenty of fun in the catchy chorus and strong flow of lyrics to hook in people who aren't maybe into as guitars as loud as this. A crossover song with good appeal. (6.5/10)

KOYO - Tetrachromat

The intriguingly titled 'Tetrachromat' is an atmospheric electronic number with an otherworldly vibe that really suits its musical aesthetic. Nicely produced. (6.5/10) 

Thieves Like Us - Thieves Like Us (Album)

This nine-track album has a strong indie, ethereal vibe and though no particular tracks stands out as a radio-friendly single (though 'Jennifer', the concluding track is the best contender), the overall vibe as each song flows into the next works really well, and there a few more uptempo pieces amongst the sultrier ones to lift your mood. As an atmospheric, electronic-heavy concept album, though, it works very well. (6.5/10)

Tuxedo - Fux with the Tux (EP)

Opening with title track, this is a seventies sounding EP mixing up the sounds of Chic and Earth, Wind and Fire but with the benefits of modern production values. Catchy and funky in equal measure, the opening track sets the mood for the piece with its quirky and catchy effects and riffs. 'Special' is the second track and has shades of 'Ladies Night' in its vibe and it continues the sound from track one, whilst the third and final song 'July' drops the tempo and brings you a more soulful number, rounding off a really strong and well produced seventies sounding vibe. (7/10)

Vanbot - Collide (Krasnoyarsk)

'Collide' is a hazy, fuzzy little electronic number that growls along with its genuinely intriguing production style, lifted up with its simple but perky synth riff. (6/10)

New Music Review #28

Here are ten more great songs we think you should listen to!

Cage The Elephant - Cold Cold Cold

'Cold Cold Cold' is a mid-tempo indie number with a poppier, sixties sounding, chorus that lifts up what is otherwise quite a downbeat, yet retro-sounding number. (6/10)

Delta Goodrem - Heavy

Delta Goodrem returns with a great new powerful ballad that builds to someone special, with her delivery almost rap-like in speed at times, giving it a fresher sound in parts. (6.5/10)

Hi, Charity - Dopamine

'Dopamine' is not quite as uptempo as the title might suggest but it's mid-tempo indie-rock sounds work well and the 'Panic! At the Disco'-esque feeling works well on the single, the title proving to be an effective little hook. (6.5/10)

Holly Brewer - I Wish I Loved You More 

The best of this year's nominee songs for Eurovision why this didn't win I do not know. Catchy, powerful and filled with hooks this is a great pop number with power. (7.5/10)

The Imagineers - If I See You Again

Another great little sixties throwback from Scottish band The Imagineers, its mid-tempo almost-Mavericks like sound giving it an interesting vibe and a gentle, warming throwback feel. (6.5/10)

Maggie Rogers - On + Off

Perhaps taking a little inspiration from Christine and the Queen for the video this is a fun indie-pop song with Rogers' voice suiting the funky electronic sound. (7/10)

Olivia Garcia - Freedom Hearts 

One of the unsuccessful nominees for the British entry to this year's Eurovision this is actually a corker and the second best of the half-dozen, with its catchy pop-friendly chorus and driving drum rhythm. (7/10)

Ryan Adams - Do You Still Love Me?

Now that he's left behind Taylor Swift songs, we can get some new original material, and this mid-tempo indie song is a good 'un, with verses that kick into a simple, yet hooky, chorus. (7/10)

Ryder - Nirvana

'Nirvana' by a Ryder is a delightful little indie-club number with eastern vibes mixed in with the sweet vocals of the lead singer. Gentle but a rewarding listen. (7/10)

Samuel Sim and Tracy Kashi - Hourglass

Used in the opening titles for ITV's 'The Halcyon', this is a deliciously thirties-sounding evocative number, almost Bond-like in its production, with Kashi's vocals a delight. (7.5/10)

New Music Review #27

Ten more musical picks from KBPS for you to enjoy!

Cascada - Run

'Run' is another uptempo catchy club-friendly number from Cascada. It might not be the most intelligent in terms of lyrics but it's bouncy enough to forgive that. (7/10)

Chance the Rapper and Knox Fortune - All Night (Kaytranada Extended Joint)

One of my favourites by Chance, this mixes up electronic hooks with soulful throwbacks and enough catchy riffs to keep you interested. (7/10)

Emile Sande - Highs & Lows

Another artist you can rely on for a quality single, 'Highs & Lows' sees Sande back on strong form with a soulful, poppy number that will get you signing along after those first few notes. (7.5/10)

Imagine Dragons - Believer

'Imagine Dragons' return with another hefty rock number. It's not a huge departure from previous singles but the mix of vocals, choral effects and crisp production make it a really energetic number. (7/10)

Jamiroquai - Automaton

Jay Kay is back with another hat and another tune, this time something much more electronic focussed. It takes a few listens to grab you but once it does its Daft Punk-feeling vibes will hook you in. (7/10)

Little Mix - Touch

Another great catchy little pop number from Little Mix that sounds like one of their best for a while. It's just a shame that the video feels a tad inappropriate for their young audience. (7/10)

Madness - Another Version Of Me

'Another Version of Me' is not a huge departure from the classic sound of Madness and the rhyming dictionary is plundered at times, but this slots in nicely to their discography and is as fun and poppy as you'd expect from the Nutty Boys. (7/10)

Oliver Heldens - I Don't Wanna Go Home 

Though it revels in its club music cliches this is still in the top half of club tunes, with a strong electronic production and a simple, catchy hook. (6/10)

Rag'n'Bone Man - Skin 

After two incredible singles in 'Wolves' and 'Human' Rag'n'Bone Man is back with another corker, with another singable chorus and a brilliant line in production. (7.5/10)

Vant - Do You Know Me?

With rocking guitars, a rhythm that drives forwarded and an anthemic set of riffs, put this on and vent some anger with this great rock number. (6.5/10)

New Music Review #26

Here are ten great tracks you don't want to miss!

Blondie - Fun

Blondie continue their modern period with this electropop number. It's not a huge departure from their previous recent singles but the catchiness and pop-rock feel are present in spades. (7/10)

Calum Scott - Rhythm Inside

'Rhythm Inside' is a bouncy, soulful number delivered by the Sam Smith-esque singer. With a little bit of bite from the drum machine this is a toe-tapping little number. (7/10)

The Divine Comedy - To The Rescue

'To The Rescue' is a gentle, string-led ballad that is more subdued than you'd expect from the band but is nicely layered in the production and chilled-back in its delivery. (6.5/10)

Imelda May feat. Jeff Beck - Black Tears

'Black Tears' is a gentle, emotive little ballad with May's powerful vocals rightfully thrust into centre stage. Beautifully sung. (6.5/10)

Jo Harman - When We Were Young

'When We Were Young' is a catchy mid-tempo ballad with vibes of Tina Turner. Catchy, beautifully sung, and very uplifting. (7.5/10)

Matt Boroff - What a Shame 

'What A Shame' moves along nicely with some gritty guitars and a chorus delivered by Boroff's gravelly vocals. It lacks any big moments but the rock and power elements work well. (6/10)

M.O. feat. Kent Jones - Not In Love

With a sunny electro-reggae vibe this is a fun upbeat little number that's level of poppiness will perk you up. (6.5/10)

Shaun Escoffery - Healing Me

Another artist who can be relied on to bring out some catchy soulful numbers, 'Healing Me' is one of his best, and is at its own best with its catchy temperature-based closing riff. (7/10)

Sound of the Suburb - Wild Weekend

'Wild Weekend' is a retro rock-a-billy throwback but if this doesn't get your hips swinging and your foot tapping I don't know what will. Something classic sounding for the new year. (6.5/10)

Train - Drink Up

'Drink Up' is a great catchy, poppy summer song all about celebrating with a tipple or two. It's tricky to listen to this and not smile! (7.5/10)