Sunday, 12 February 2017

New Music Review #30

Another batch of tracks recommended by our ears!

BETSY - Waiting

Her previous breakthrough single was incredible and whilst 'Waiting' doesn't compare at all BESTY's vocal power and the poppiness hold it together. (6/10)

Charlotte OC - Darkest Hour

This mid-tempo indie hit wins thanks to Charlotte OC's loveable vocals and a strong flow of music. (6.5/10)

Earl - Tongue Tied

'Tongue Tied' is a great retro-sounding pop hit that sounds like it's been dragged off the Halcyon soundtrack and given a modern polish. (7/10)

The Hunna - Piece By Piece

'Piece by Piece' is a fun little slice of indie with a good mix of riffs and a central poppy chorus. (6.5/10)

Illenium - Fractures

The club breakdown is a little cliched but the sweet Chvrches like vocals and production work sort of make up for it on the verses. (6/10)

JP Cooper - September Song

Coming to prominence in a month that's a little wrong, this is a catchy little piece of indie-op with some club-influenced moments. (7/10)

Matinee feat. Pier Ferrantini - Satellite

A slow building verse gives way to a chorus that sounds like it should be on an album by 'The Killers'. Its perhaps not as all-out as their last single but the indie-pop-electro vibes work well. (6/10)

Robbie Williams - Mixed Signals

The Killers must be kicked themselves that they gave this song away to Robbie. Sounding so much like their music aside from the vocals this a great driving mid-tempo song with a great little story central to the indie-pop-rock vibe. (8/10)

Sam Way - Home Piano / My response 2

Taken from a longer EP these two gentle stripped back tracks focus on Way's dream and listenable voice. There's perhaps a little bit of energy that could be injected here and there but they're both neat little gentle ballads with heart. (6.5/10)

Stormzy - Big For Your Boots

The lyrics might be naff at times and the video almost parody-like but the crisp production, fast flow and electronic sounds make up for it. (6/10)

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