Sunday, 5 February 2017

New Music Review #28

Here are ten more great songs we think you should listen to!

Cage The Elephant - Cold Cold Cold

'Cold Cold Cold' is a mid-tempo indie number with a poppier, sixties sounding, chorus that lifts up what is otherwise quite a downbeat, yet retro-sounding number. (6/10)

Delta Goodrem - Heavy

Delta Goodrem returns with a great new powerful ballad that builds to someone special, with her delivery almost rap-like in speed at times, giving it a fresher sound in parts. (6.5/10)

Hi, Charity - Dopamine

'Dopamine' is not quite as uptempo as the title might suggest but it's mid-tempo indie-rock sounds work well and the 'Panic! At the Disco'-esque feeling works well on the single, the title proving to be an effective little hook. (6.5/10)

Holly Brewer - I Wish I Loved You More 

The best of this year's nominee songs for Eurovision why this didn't win I do not know. Catchy, powerful and filled with hooks this is a great pop number with power. (7.5/10)

The Imagineers - If I See You Again

Another great little sixties throwback from Scottish band The Imagineers, its mid-tempo almost-Mavericks like sound giving it an interesting vibe and a gentle, warming throwback feel. (6.5/10)

Maggie Rogers - On + Off

Perhaps taking a little inspiration from Christine and the Queen for the video this is a fun indie-pop song with Rogers' voice suiting the funky electronic sound. (7/10)

Olivia Garcia - Freedom Hearts 

One of the unsuccessful nominees for the British entry to this year's Eurovision this is actually a corker and the second best of the half-dozen, with its catchy pop-friendly chorus and driving drum rhythm. (7/10)

Ryan Adams - Do You Still Love Me?

Now that he's left behind Taylor Swift songs, we can get some new original material, and this mid-tempo indie song is a good 'un, with verses that kick into a simple, yet hooky, chorus. (7/10)

Ryder - Nirvana

'Nirvana' by a Ryder is a delightful little indie-club number with eastern vibes mixed in with the sweet vocals of the lead singer. Gentle but a rewarding listen. (7/10)

Samuel Sim and Tracy Kashi - Hourglass

Used in the opening titles for ITV's 'The Halcyon', this is a deliciously thirties-sounding evocative number, almost Bond-like in its production, with Kashi's vocals a delight. (7.5/10)

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