Sunday, 5 February 2017

New Music Review #29

Here at KBPS we bring you some more songs to listen to and enjoy as well as an EP and two albums!

Divisionists - Daybreak (Album)

'Daybreak' is a gritty lo-fi album of twelve tracks, each strongly produced and offering a focussed indie-rock vibe that plays along well for over 45-minutes. With strong lyrics and a good mix of tempos, paces and vibes, this is a strong album to put on and chill out to that's not afraid to make it quieter when it needs to, though it does at times get a little too maudlin for its own good. (6.5/10)

Eugene Twist - Stuntman

'Stuntman' is a well produced indie number with retro throwbacks with some great changes in pace and emotion that hold your interest. (6.5/10)

Fancy Cars feat. Foy - Heart of Stone

'Heart of Stone' is a great track of electronic swagger with a catchy central chorus and some strong production effects with a big bite. (7/10)

Flora Cash - Nothing Lasts Forever (And It's Fine)

Brought to you by the sweet and listenable voice of Flora Cash this song mixes some neatly written lyrics that come with a message and a quirky, poppy electronic riff. (7/10)

Fufanu - Liability

'Liability' is a neat little mid-tempo electronic number that sounds like Kraftwerk meeting Gary Numan. Fans of that era will get much out of this fun little track. (5.5/10)

God Damn - It Bites

A little heavier than the music I would normally listen to there's still plenty of fun in the catchy chorus and strong flow of lyrics to hook in people who aren't maybe into as guitars as loud as this. A crossover song with good appeal. (6.5/10)

KOYO - Tetrachromat

The intriguingly titled 'Tetrachromat' is an atmospheric electronic number with an otherworldly vibe that really suits its musical aesthetic. Nicely produced. (6.5/10) 

Thieves Like Us - Thieves Like Us (Album)

This nine-track album has a strong indie, ethereal vibe and though no particular tracks stands out as a radio-friendly single (though 'Jennifer', the concluding track is the best contender), the overall vibe as each song flows into the next works really well, and there a few more uptempo pieces amongst the sultrier ones to lift your mood. As an atmospheric, electronic-heavy concept album, though, it works very well. (6.5/10)

Tuxedo - Fux with the Tux (EP)

Opening with title track, this is a seventies sounding EP mixing up the sounds of Chic and Earth, Wind and Fire but with the benefits of modern production values. Catchy and funky in equal measure, the opening track sets the mood for the piece with its quirky and catchy effects and riffs. 'Special' is the second track and has shades of 'Ladies Night' in its vibe and it continues the sound from track one, whilst the third and final song 'July' drops the tempo and brings you a more soulful number, rounding off a really strong and well produced seventies sounding vibe. (7/10)

Vanbot - Collide (Krasnoyarsk)

'Collide' is a hazy, fuzzy little electronic number that growls along with its genuinely intriguing production style, lifted up with its simple but perky synth riff. (6/10)

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