Sunday, 5 February 2017

New Music Review #25

Another ten songs worth listening to!

Aston Merrygold - One Night In Paris

Hopefully not alluding to any dodgy viewing habits, this is a stripped back, falsetto-heavy soulful number with a simple yet alluring chorus. (6.5/10)

Mist - Madness

Offering a more emotional vibe to the usual quite crass grime tracks this has a nicely composed chorus and some attitude-filled verses. (6.5/10)

The Plum Peppers - In Life (Album)

This eleven track album has a mixture of tempos, styles and vibes and is a really pleasant, gentle listen that will lift your mood. The lead vocals are distinctive, the production crisp and the instrumentism works well. A pleasing joy from start to finish. (7/10)

Rayne - Subject A

Mixing in archived audio this is a neat little soft rock number. It might lack a big chorus but it's a good mixture of genres wrapped into a fun package. (6/10)

Samaris - Wanted to Say

'Wanted To Say' is a gentle, stripped back, laid back number that will get you chilled out after a stressful day. Beautifully composed this is a real surprise. (7/10)

Tom Chaplin - Still Waiting

The Keane frontman delivers this, a heartfelt very personal single with a touching and building sound and a great little poppy chorus. (7.5/10)

Train - Play That Song

Train are known for bringing their bouncy upbeat hits to your ears and this catchy pop number is no exception, its mid-tempo swagger bringing summer to us a little bit earlier. (6.5/10)

Tree - Hold My Hand

'Hold My Hand' is a slow, sauntering ballad with a great mix of instruments woven into the simple production. A lovely little number. (7/10)

twenty one pilots: HeavyDirtySoul

Though not quite as memorable or tight as some of their previous singles there's something hooky about the various elements that flow together to form the whole. (6.5/10)

The Wild Things - I Think You Can Do Better

'I Think You Can Do Better' is a great soft-rock number with a smooth heartfelt vocal performance and enough guitars to give it a bit of grit too. (7/10)

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