Saturday, 18 November 2017

New Music Review #111

Ten more songs you have to hear!

Bootsy Collins - Hot Saucer 

Having recently reviewed and loved his full album this single slice of funk is also welcome, mixing in Collins' familiar vocal punches from his work with Fatboy Slim sitting alongside a much funkier, retro-sound that will get you moving. Cool. (7/10)

DYGL - Let It Sway

With hints of early Arctic Monkeys mixed with the Kooks this is a stripped back, simple indie number with a fun vibe, though doesn't have a hugely memorable feel, though its riffs are fun whilst it plays. (6/10)

Hafdis Huld - Dream Small

Taken from her delightful recent album, 'Dream Small' is a gentle and sweet swaying ballad that feels like it's a cosy night-in on a cold Winters day embodied in a song. Peaceful. (7/10)

Human - Higher

With hints of Plan B in the sound this mid-tempo rap-influenced track shines with his funky undertones and foot-tapping beat. With a simple yet catchy brass-led chorus this is a definite grower. (6.5/10)

Iris Gold - All I Really Know

'All I Really Know' is a funky and upbeat pop number with plenty of attitude and bounce, with Gold's vocals well mixed in the jazzed up rhythm. (7/10)

James Litherland - Back 'n Blue

It might perhaps be a little by-the-numbers when it comes to embracing the country sound but it's a fun enough entry into the re-vitalized genre. With hints of Dire Straits in its sound this is a smooth enough listen. (5/10)


A gentle, ethereal-sounding ballad, with a delightfully smooth vocal. The perfect song to put on and chill out too. Nice. (6/10)

Morrissey - Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up on the Stage

Though a little less poppy and memorable than his last single this lengthily titled song has more bite in its lyrics and delivery and ends with a repetitive, yet catchy, ending. (7/10)

Ordinaryson - Round Here

A delightfully calming mid-tempo ballad centered around a very listenable vocal line and a gentle and warming set of lyrics that transports you back to the past. Sweet. (7/10)

Owen Paul - Amazing (StoneBridge & Damien Hall Indie Radio Edit) / (Lenny Bunn Big Rock Radio Mix)

It takes something special for a remix to win me over as they can often mask a great song in unnecessary club sounds and whereas this is certainly clubbed up it doesn't take away from the heart of the song and adds more energy to it. I wouldn't say there was a huge difference between the two remixes but the first perhaps edges it, though the 'Chain Reaction'-esque riff of the second is nicely woven in. (7/10)

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