Saturday, 10 June 2017

New Music Review #64

Ten more songs you need to listen to!

The Allergies - Entitled To That

We've gone back to the sixties and seventies for this Motown-sounding number that could well be an old song dragged out of history and given a 2017 polish. With hints of Duffy and Paloma Faith in the powerful, grand vocals, this is a great number full of energy and attitude. (7.5/10)

Andrew Applepie & Bjurman - Drowning World

Sounding like a cross between Rokysopp and Moby if they're enjoying a quieter moments, this electronic-infused stylophone-sounding number is a delight in terms of production and the atmosphere created, its filmic style nicely composed. (7/10)

Dani Sylvia - Perfection Generation

Sylvia's best song to date, this is a storming European-pop track with a catchy EDM-influenced chorus and a real catchy vibe. A great comeback number! (7/10)

Hafdis Huld - Take Me Dancing

We loved her album and this track is symbolic of what made the LP great: a loveable, sweet voice, well written lyrics, strong radio-friendly vibe and a simple yet picturesque production style. Beautiful. (7.5/10)

JACY feat. Myles Parrish - Brand New

The chorus itself might be decidely simple and bland but the electronic feel to the record creates a pleasingly reacting and laid-back aesthetic and when the more urban elements are rolled in for Parrish it gives it a bit more interest that compliments the package as a whole. (7/10)

Julia Michaels - Uh Huh

After the great 'Issues' this single goes off in a different direction. With some quirky but well done vocal effects this builds up well to a poppy and fun chorus. Great. (7/10)

Liam Payne feat. Quavo - Strip That Down

It might sound like the love child of Eminem's 'Shake That Ass' and 'The Bad Touch' by the Bloodhound Gang, and various other songs from its overplayed genre, but is has enough fun and pop sensibilities to keep a smile on your face, though it's pretty cliched and by-the-numbers. (6.5/10)

MissinCat - Made of Stone

'Made of Stone' is a great little showcase of MissinCat's distinctive vocals that offer something genuinely interesting to listen to over its soaring classical production style, like Bjork but with a better more soulful voice. (7/10)

PictureHouse - Sunburst

Initially only being released in Ireland two years ago summer anthem 'Sunburst' has now been remastered for a release in 2017. With a big energy pop vibe this screams out radio hit  thanks to its 90s-sounding pop-rock vibe that sounds like U2, REM, Smashmouth and the Boo Radleys rolled into one headed up by Phil Collins. (7.5/10)

Plan B - In The Name Of Man

Plan B has been away for a while and we've certainly missed him, and though 'In The Name of Man' doesn't quite have the radio-friendly chorus of his earlier material the Sam Smith gospel sound he channels on this single is well put together and lyrically it has plenty to say. Definitely a grower, though I could do without the overly repetitive and long closer; cut if off after four-and-a-half minutes. (7/10)

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