Wednesday, 14 June 2017

New Music Review #66

Our ten latest must-hear tracks!

FELIN - Destruction Therapy

Like a cross between U2 and the Chemical Brothers this is a gritty, rocking number that sounds like it's been ripped straight from a punky soundtrack. Great. (7/10)

Flora Cash - California

'California' is a gentle little number that takes things gentle over its four-minutes running time, but does leave itself enough energy to create a catchy light-pop chorus. (6.5/10)

Hannah's Yard - Doin' It For Myself (Radio Edit)

Country and folk come together on this relentlessly perky and happy pop number with a strong production mixing up several instruments and leading to a bouncy summery chorus. (7/10)

J-Fresh x Tubby Boy - Refills On Deck

It might not be too different from other songs in the genre but its fast tempo, determined beat and quirky breakdown allow it to stand up above many of its contemporaries. (6.5/10)

The Killers - The Man

Finally, one of my favourite bands of all time are back, and this is quite possibly their biggest change in sound after a couple of albums of rather similar production. Here they have embraced a seventies disco Chic-like sound and although the chorus doesn't quite have their usual stadium feel it's certainly a fresh and intriguing take and suits their style and feels more sing-a-long and danceable than their more recent bits. (7.5/10)

Mat Treiber - Go All Around the World

With a live feel to the production this a gritty soft-rock number with an Oasis-style vibe and hook. It might lack a big central chorus but it has enough guitar licks and rock sensibilities to keep you listening. (7/10)

Nina Schofield - Beat Another Rhythm

With hints or Europop and Eurovision in its delivery, this is a catchy pop-club number with a foot-tapping beat and an enjoyable, developing production style. (7/10)

The Rocking Horse Club - Straight White Man

'Straight White Male' is a spot-on sarcastic take on gender, LGBT and skin-colour discrimination and politics, delivered in a bouncy, pop-rock hit. It might have hints of ZZ Top's 'Sharp Dressed Man' in its sound but if you like your music radio-friendly and saying something then you need to hear this and then possibly blast it in the direction of your nearest Conservative or UKIP MP. (7.5/10)

tape.machines feat. Sam Seg - s.t.u.p.i.d

This acronymed 'stupid' is a cool, laid-back tune with Seg's vocals a pleasure to listen to. Delightfully smooth. (7/10)

Triggah - Believe

We make the comment on its religious or drug statements but as a funny yet catchy song with a really poppy background hook this really hits all the right places. (7/10)

Ten more great songs you need to hear!

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