Sunday, 3 December 2017

New Music Review #116

Ten more songs you must hear!

Banners - Someone To You

'Someone to You' is a really fun and catchy pop-rock number with a singable, radio-friendly chorus which suggests this will be a grower once it gets that airplay breakthrough. (7/10)

Gavin James - Hearts On Fire

It's been a strong year for Gavin James and if this new song is anything to go by it should be a strong 2018 for him as well. 'Hearts On Fire' is another bouncy, catchy number from him. (7.5/10)

Green Day - Back In The USA

Taking its lead from their famous 'American Idiot' album this boasts the poppiness of that album's title track with more subtle politics, in a surprisingly poppy entry into their canon, taken from their new greatest hits compilation. (7/10)

Hey Charlie - Young & Lonesome

A quirky and funky indie number with strong harmonies and a gentle, yet building presence from the trio, with more bite coming from the guitars and the sing-a-long closer. Neat. (6.5/10)

Liam Gallagher - Come Back To Me

Liam Gallagher continues to roll out some catchy singles, and this fast-paced indie-rock number with a pacey and powerful bridge and chorus keeps up the standard. Cool. (7/10)

Little Mix - Is Your Love Enough?

A little more interesting than their recent singles, the reggae, summery feel to this record gives it a refreshingly distinctive feel. A fun pop single with the work done by the production. (6.5/10)

Queens of the Stone Age - The Way You Used to Do 

Going back to the more traditional sound of QotSA, this is a fun rock number with a simple yet strangely compelling dark chorus. A grower. (7/10)

RedFaces - Take It or Leave It

Mixing in indie and electronic, like a more modern sounding Arctic Monkeys, this is a smooth and friendly number from a youthful band. Promising. (6.5/10)

Stephanie Cheape - I Am A Soldier

Built around a funky rhythm and the distinctive vocals of Cheape, this is a stripped-back yet involving number that showcases the talents of this singer-songwriter. (7/10)

Winter Mountain - Platinum and Gold 

We recently reviewed the EP from which this is taken and enjoyed it, and this cut from it is a delightfully warming indie number that will delight you. (7/10)

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