Thursday, 28 December 2017

New Music Review #121

Ten more songs you have to hear!

Amanda Mair - Empty Blockings

It's been a strong year for Mair with several of her songs making their way into our digital shopping basket, and 'Empty Blockings' with its catchy central chorus and ethereal production is one of her best. (7.5/10)

Camila Cabello - Never Be the Same

Not quite as fun and huge as 'Havana' but as a Rihanna-esque mid-tempo ballad with a catchy central chorus this will tide you over nicely. (6.5/10)

Jade Bird - Cathedral

'Cathedral' is a gentle, acoustic number that showcases Bird's great voice, with the harmonised choruses injecting some heart-felt energy into the stripped back piece. (7/10)

Jessie Ware - Sam

Initially heard in acoustic form this heartfelt ballad proves to be Ware's best; beautiful lyrics beautifully sung and well produced. (7.5/10)

Miles & Erica - We Came Here To Work

We reviewed the album from which this is taken earlier in the year and this politically-charged ballad was the star of the show, and now as a single is just as relevant as ever with its pro-immigration message. (7.5/10)

Not3s and Mabel - My Lover (Remix)

You can't imagine the chorus of this song taking that long to write and the song drips with cliched lyrics and sounds but there's something fun and catchy about the stripped back and smooth sound. (7/10)

One Bit & Noah Cyrus - My Way

It might 'borrow' its main musical hook from Mylo's 'Drop the Pressure' but it does at least form it into an uptempo dance track with plenty of bounce. (7/10)

RJ Thompson - Skimming Stones 

So gentle it's practically somnambulant, this is a nicely sung stripped back number that screams out, or whispers out at least, a relaxing, yet emotional, night in. (7/10)

Spector - Untitled in D 

I'm a big Spector fan but 'Untitled in D' doesn't do anything that we've not heard before. Fans will relish a new track but it's not at all revolutionary. A grower, but well within their box. (6.5/10)

The Wombats - Turn

Though not quite as anthemic as 'Lemon To A Knife Fight' this is still a solid new song from one of my favourite acts. Sure it doesn't do anything revolutionary but it's a nice little listen with more quirky lyrical hooks. (7/10)

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