Saturday, 6 January 2018

New Music Review 2018 #2

Ten more songs you have to hear!

Avicii feat. Vargas & Lagola - Friend Of Mine

Certainly feeling very much like an Avicii track this is a fun upbeat little number and though it doesn't break any musical walls down is a pleasant enough listen. (6.5/10)

Catherine McGrath - Talk Of This Town

Hailing from Northern Ireland, UK-based country continues to build after big successes over the last two years. Sounding like classic Taylor Swift before she went all poppy, McGrath's new single is a great pop-country number with a very singable hook. Delightful! (7.5/10)

HAIM - Nothing's Wrong

'Nothing's Wrong' is another slice of electronic-tinged country-focussed pop from the bouncy trio. With bigger hints of Fleetwood Mac this is a great radio-friendly, upbeat, happy number. (7/10)

Hoseah Partsch - Paper Planes

'Paper Planes' is a smooth, gentle little piano-led ballad that builds into something with plenty of emotional energy. Delightful. (7.5/10)

Joseph J. Jones - Crawl

With hints of Rag N Bone Man and John Newman this is a soulful number with Jones' strong voice thumping through this great record. (7/10)

MAGNUM - Without Love 

With a Journey-esque retro-rock sound this should please the old rockers who enjoy a good mosh from an eighties-themed Top Gear Fathers' Day collection. Solid. (7/10)

Post Malone  - I Fall Apart

It might take a few listens to settle in but 'I Fall Apart' is a strong indie tune with a building chorus and dark, electronic riff. Certainly a grower. (6/10)

Rae Morris - Atletico (The Only One)

Rae Morris continues her shift into something more poppy and dancy with her music, and 'Atletico' mixes her sound with something a bit more like La Roux, creating a foot-tapping catchy little number. (7.5/10)

The Retrobot featuring Reggaebot - Melonbot

The world's best singing robot it back with a unseasonably summery tune with a cool lilt and plenty of innuendo. It's not quite up to the brilliance of its first track but it has enough quirkiness and catchiness to keep you listening. (6.5/10)

SZA x Calvin Harris - The Weekend (Funk Wav Remix)

Ticking plenty of generic dance boxes, there's at least a slight Daft Punk vibe to the production which gives it a bit more bite, but it's pretty forgettable and familiar otherwise. (5/10)

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