Sunday, 14 January 2018

New Music Review 2018 #3

Ten more songs that you have to hear!

Baxter Dury - Prince Of Tears

It's an unusual mix of styles with light-hearted pop verses mixed with Madness like rhythms and William Shatner-like vocal sections. That might sound quite eccentric but like the best off-the-wall recipes works in a cool, string-led way. (7/10)

Django Django - In Your Beat

Quite an unusually produced track, as you'd expect from this act, this Pet Shop Boys-esque pop-dance number with distorted vocals and a large instrumental opening, is quirky and fun in equal measure. (7/10)

Elles Bailey - The People We Used To Be (Acoustic)

We've loved the singles so far from Bailey from her debut album and this acoustic track taken from the deluxe version of her album is simple and stripped back but this makes for the perfect showcase for her delightful voice and the twangs of the country guitar. Deliciously chilled out. (7.5/10)

First Aid Kit - Fireworks

'Fireworks' is another throwback sounding sixties-feeling song from the beautifully sounding 'First Aid Kit'. It's perhaps a little too Mariah-Carey in parts but it's gentle warmth will win you over. (7/10)

Graham J. - Déjà Vu

Picking up from his festive themed release last month the king of the falsetto returns with this gentle, operatic number. The verses are perhaps a little free form for my tastes but the building chorus and the heartful delivery work very well. (6.5/10)

Nick Byrne - Birch Tree

'Birch Tree' is a delightfully gentle and evocative folk-tinged song with Byrne's smooth and ear-pleasing vocals complimented well by the subtle and swaying strings. Beautiful. (7/10)

Patrick Bergin - Crazy in Love

The Irish actor releases this chilled out, soulful jazz number that takes the familiar sounds and expectations but brings them together in a cool, relaxed vibe that will envelop you and bring a chilled out smile to your face, its whistle section, percussion layer and catchy chorus all working in its favour. (7.5/10)

Paulaa - Know You

With hints of electronica in elements of the song, this is a well produced and intriguing number. It might lack a standout chorus but it's a pleasing fusion of styles with a relaxed chilled-out vibe and hints of 90s rnb. (6.5/10)

Robbie Williams - Ms Pepper

A great song cut from Robbie's latest b-sides collection which will make you wonder why it didn't appear on a proper album. A soaring ballad with a catchy central chorus (later re-used in an official song) this is a touching, building pop-ballad with plenty of heart and one of the highlights of the LP. (7.5/10)

TC&I - Scatter Me

With hints of Placebo and Divine Comedy in its style this is a really quirky but catchy little pop number. Its driving rhythm and fun style lift it up. Fun! (7.5/10)

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