Tuesday, 10 January 2017

KBPS Interview: Adam Lanceley

Adam Lanceley is a singer-songwriter who has just released a new single called ‘Those Rose Tinted Days’. Coming back from a childhood car accident to record a succession of great albums, we caught up with Adam to ask him about the single.

How would you describe your new song?
I’d describe it as old-school alternative-rock. My influences are old-school [too]; kind of old fashioned, kind of retro like the Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys and Roy Orbison. I take the bits of the music that I listen to, the song that make a real impression on me. Suddenly one day I realised I can put this together and make it sound unique to me!

The song is taken from your fifth album. What was that like to record?
The more I record, and the better I get at it, the more stressful it is! But it’s really rewarding. I remember when I was first starting to record and I just thought ‘man, this is so cool, I’m in a recording studio’. But then I started to realise, that if I put a bit of work in, I can do a good job here. Then I started putting more pressure on myself, but it’s really rewarding doing it when you’ve got all your ideas down and you can think ‘this sounds alright!’.

Do you enjoy the production side alongside the writing and recording?
When I write my songs I have a good idea of all the instruments I want to try. I like to try as many new and different, or unusual, instruments that I can, that I think will work in each song!

You like to use older equipment in the recording process; does that analogue effect give you the sound you’re looking for?
I think it suits my music more. It makes it sound more authentic to the era that are my main influences.

Would you say your music has changed in sound over your five albums?
I would say it’s better, but that’s down to the individual listener. It’s definitely got more complex [with] the melodies; the arrangements are more complex; and the writing has developed and come on a lot.

Do you have any video plans for the future?
I wouldn’t rule it out, but I think a video will be more likely on one of my songs I’ve yet to release.

As well as music, you’re a keen runner. What was it like running the London Marathon?
That was good for the first fourteen or fifteen miles but then the rest was a real, real struggle. I tore some tendons in my right foot and I have a pressure sore on my left heel from when I had a broken leg and I was in hospital for a long time. It’s very painful to walk! But I got through it!

You do a lot of fundraising for charity. Is that important to you?
Mostly I support the Brain and Spinal Foundation because the more I’ve got to know about the charity the more I’ve come to realise that if it wasn’t for charities like that, my kind of head injury, would have been completely untreatable, so that’s why I want to raise money for them,

Has music helped you recover?
It’s definitely an outlet for emotion and it can be therapeutic. It helps me cope. I draw inspiration from it.

Finally do you have any big ambitions for the rest of 2017?

I don’t know, it’s a bit early at the moment. We’ll see what happens! I am planning on releasing an EP for the charity in the next few months but I prefer not to look too far ahead!

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