Sunday, 22 January 2017

New Music Review #24

Another ten songs you need to listen to!

Captain Cuts feat. Nateur - Love Like We Used To

This isn't the most revolutionary dance track ever and it's pretty similar to what you've heard many places before but it has a bit more oomph than some and it's worthy giving a spin. (6/10)

Desmond John - Untradable

A clubby, uptempo, pop number that might be a little familiar in parts to much in its genre but is a neat bouncy piece that will bring a smile to your face with a perky chorus. (6.5/10)

Grey feat. Bahari - I Miss You

The choruses may be generic off-the-shelf dance but the verses are strong and nicely written and make the song what it is. (6.5/10)

January Thompson - Too Soon

January Thompson has an incredible voice and 'Too Soon', with its stripped back piano and whistle-led riff, is a joy to listen to. Well written, produced and sung this is a joy. (8/10)

Joel Gion - Tomorrow

With muddy production values that give it a throwback retro-sound this is a solid indie-rocker that ticks over quite nicely. (6.5/10)

LewRey - 'Til You Come Home

LewRey have always been known for using their multi-instrumentalist abilities on a single and this is a classic example, mixing in crisp piano work with saxophone on a touching, heartfelt little pop ballad. Nice. (7/10)

Makala Cheung - Fire

Released for this year's Chinese New Year, 'Fire' is Makala's best single yet, mixing her strong vocals with a great Chinese soundscape given a modern twist. (7/10)

Norma Jean Martine - Still In Love With You

'Still in Love With You' is a beautiful, retro-number. Martine's lead vocals are both a delight to listen to and heartfelt. Lovely. (7.5/10)

Sia - Never Give Up 

Taken from the recent 'Lion' the song's actually better than the film. Inspired by the Indian setting of much of the film it combines that sound with Sia's familiar riff into something that works. (7/10)

Zayn and Taylor Swift - I Don't Wanna Live Forever

From the upcoming 'Fifty Shades of Grey' sequel Swift and Malik bounce off each other well vocally on this touching, power-ballad. It's certainly the best of Zayn's solo work. (7/10)

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