Sunday, 8 January 2017

New Music Review #21

Another ten new tracks that we love this week!

The Amazons - Little Something

'Little Something' is a dark and gritty slice of indie-rock with a growling guitar undercurrent and a crisp vocal line. (6.5/10)
Anteros - Breakfast

'Breakfast' is a great catchy piece of pop that is great to listen to anytime of day. With an understated but memorable chorus this is a great uplifting track for the time of year. (7.5/10)

Caravan Palace - Lone Digger

A track from a while back that has got a new lease of life, this is a dance-led, catchy, jazz number that mixes throwback riffs and sounds into a fast-paced catchy number. (8/10)

Crystal Fighters - Good Girls 

Crystal Fighters can be often replied upon to provide a great, bouncy, uplifting pop song and 'Good Girls', though not that different from their usual style, delivers on that. Very warming for a cold January! (7.5/10)

Dua Lipa - Be The One 

A catchy slice of indie-pop from one of the stars of 2017, it's not her biggest single and it gets a little repetitive but it's still a good listen. (6.5/10)

Dwayne Johnson - You're Welcome

Taken from the latest Disney film 'Moana'. Dwayne Johnson doesn't have the greatest singing voice but he delivers this song well and it's pretty catchy. And certainly less annoying than 'Let It Go'. (7/10)
Ed Sheeran - Castle On The Hill / Shape of You

Our Ed is back with two new tracks. They may be lacking the energy or originality of, say, 'Sing' but are some great comebacks. 'Castle on the Hill' is the better of the two with a strong building vibe and chorus and a certain pop-catchiness. 'Shape of You' is a bit more Sing-like with a rap vibe though the lyrics are a little shallower and drab, but the vocal effects are catchy. (7.5/10)

Halestorm - I Hate Myself For Loving You

A cover of a Joan Jett song this a solid rock version which keeps the classic song whilst injecting a bit of life into it. A good cover. (6.5/10)

Surfer Blood - Matter of Time

'Matter of Time' is a raw slice of indie but with some catchy licks and riffs and a fun, driving vibe. (7/10)

The xx - Say Something Loving

The XX continue with their strong pop-indie crossovers with this retro-throwback packed with harmonies any nicely evolving synths. It's more of a rolling track than building to anything but that still proves to be worth a listen. (6.5/10)

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