Friday, 23 December 2016

KBPS Interview: Desmond John

Desmond John is a singer-songwriter from Atlanta and we got chance to speak to him about his new single.

You have a new single out called ‘Untradable’. How would you describe it?
It’s an uptempo song; an energetic dance track that’s really meant for the clubs and to get people into a good spirit. It’s a really feel-good track.

Where did the inspiration for the song come from?
When [the producer] played me the track it all came together well. I really wanted my first single to be something uptempo and something fun. I’m obviously young and I thought that was really important, to get people into a good mood!

On your Facebook page you have uploaded videos that are more just you and a guitar, as opposed to the dance focus of ‘Untradable’. Are you changing your direction or doing both styles?
I like to mix it up; I like to thing I don’t just have one genre as long as it’s good music. Sometimes it’s more dance, sometimes RnB. I have lots of different influences with artists so I don’t really have a specific sound that I’m going for.

Do you have any video plans for Untradable?
Yes, we actually shot the music video recently in the States and that’s being released in January. I’m really excited about that! It’s still under wraps now but I’ll be releasing new details in the next few weeks!

You’ve lived in many places across the world; has that helped shape you musically?
Yes sure! I’ve been lucky enough to live in Africa, Europe and America now so I’ve got lots of influences and a global outlook on the world. That definitely helps my sound and my attitude towards everything I do.

As well as your music you had ambitions when you were younger to be a footballer; is that something you still like to dabble in?
I do still play, but just socially! My dream was to play for Manchester United!

What are your plans for 2017 in terms of EPs or albums?
I’ve recorded lots of songs but we’re just focussing at the moment on singles and promoting those. I have another single coming out after Untradable. I’ve got a lot of cool material coming out [but] I’m really focussing on social media; it’s going to be really exciting! I’ll be travelling a lot and spending time in the UK and, of course, the US, as well as a few territories in Europe so it’s going to be really fun!

Have you got any touring plans?
I haven’t planned any of that yet but I’m sure there will be!

Finally do you have any big ambitions for next year?

Nothing specific, but in the next few years I do want to win a Grammy so I guess that’s my [future ambition]. I’m aiming for the stars!

Untradable is available to download now from all good music providers.

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