Sunday, 11 December 2016

Review: American Anymen + Lise - Oui (EP)

American Anymen team up again with Lisa for their second collaborative EP, 'Oui'.

'Oui' is a four track EP of stripped back, dream-pop tracks. Opener 'Nobody Made Me Smile Like You Did' is quite raw in its delivery and the vocals at times feel a little off as if the vocalists are struggling to hit the notes but it's gentle and atmospheric and things progress nicely enough. 'Less Complex' is musically more interesting and freer and suits the duo's vocals better though the music overpowers the lyrics a little too much and the lack of a distinctive chorus makes it for a less structured experience outside of the 'are you happy or are you said' section, and there's still something a little bit under-produced about the vocals.

The string-led 'Does Anybody Remember Me' is the best song of the four but again the vocals are too awkward to me ears but the overall feeling is better in terms of the production and the lyrical content and layout, and harmonies. Things wrap up with 'H', a similar song, with many of the same highs and lows of the previous track.

'Oui' is not really my thing. Lyrically it's interesting enough and it has some good production here and there but it's a bit relentless in its flat delivery and indie outlook. (4/10)

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