Sunday, 11 December 2016

Review: Honeyblood - Babes Never Die

Scottish duo Honeyblood have released their upbeat rocker LP 'Babes Never Die' which sandwiches 10 raw rockers between a short intro and outro.

The titular opener nails their colours to the mast, showcasing a gritty, hefty, raw rocker with pop-hook sensibilities, the lead vocals adding a softer touch to the heavier instrumentals, whilst also offering a smattering of hooks. 'Ready for the Magic' is even better, with a hook-filled swagger and a relentless pace whilst 'Sea Hearts' is my favourite on the LP thanks to its bouncing, memorable chorus with its 'break hearts' moments.

'Love is a Disease' with its 'I wanna be in your arms' line is another catchy number and a personal favourite, whilst 'Walking At Midnight' gives something a little fresher, cutting back on the attitude-filled rock to let the main vocals breath a little more.whilst still keeping the chorus memorable.

The mood continues with rockers 'Justine, Misery Queen' and 'Sister Wolf', mixing up hooks with determined guitar work. 'Hey, Stellar' is the first track that I feel doesn't add much to the album, being a little too much of a slave to the formula, though 'Cruel Kids' takes a quieter turn and makes up for that track, though it doesn't have the same perky fun of the earlier tracks.

The outro aside, 'Babes Never Die' finishes with 'Gangs' which is a smooth end to the record.

Packed with catchy rock numbers that keep going until the slightly tamer repetitive ending, 'Babes Never Die' is well worth picking up for something catchy but with a bit more bite than other indie-rock LPs. (6.5/10)

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