Saturday, 8 July 2017

New Music Review #68

Ten more tracks you need to hear!

Chlöe Howl - Magnetic

Finally, one of the best emerging artists of the last few years releases a new song. It might lack the bubblegum energy of 'Disappointed' or 'Not Strings' but this punky, funky ballad has plenty of bite, some great lyrics and a soaring chorus, all cemented together by Howl's distinctive and listenable voice. Welcome back! (7.5/10)

Clean Bandit & Marina and the Diamonds - Disconnect

It's a good day when Marina and the Diamonds come back, here teaming up with Clean Bandit. Here she's the better of the two thanks to her distinctive and emotional vocals, Clean Bandit cut back to a rather generic dance track, but together they work well. (7/10)

Dawa - Put It Away

'Put It Away' is a delightfully laid back track, stripped back to a simple guitar, cajon and the beautifully sung vocals of the two leads, their harmonies working together magically. (7/10)

DiRTY RADiO - Champagne Bubbles feat. 528

With lyrics that are definitely NSFW, outside of the words this is a catchy, quirky, bassy number which makes an impression in its sub-3-minutes time. Sounding like the Black Eyed Peas but with more conviction, it's worth a spin. (6.5/10)

Don E feat. Veeiye - You Know (Radio Edit)

A cut back reggae-infused track and though the lyrics may be a little bland and fag-packet, it has a loveable rhythm and production vibe. (6.5/10)

Fejká - Ghostlight (Radio Edit)

A laid-back, chilled out number, but with a delightful instrumental focus and some relaxing, other-worldly lyrics gently overlaid. Delightful. (7/10)

Paul Menel - Spanish Mane 

Like a jazzed up version of 'Man in the Moon' by REM at the start this is a bouncy, summery hit with a Spanish twist, plenty of brass and boundless energy, like the Mavericks on a big night out. (7/10)

Pressyes - Touch The Sky

'Touch the Sky' is a laid back ethereal number with a calming, other-worldly musical track and an alluring vocal line that is the perfect accompaniment for a laid-back summer's evening. (6.5/10)

Rude Kid - Master System

My favourite of the tracks on his latest EP, this short yet sweet instrumental harks back to the retro era of the title of the song. Quirky yet modern. (6/10)

Urband Soul - Wake up

With a strong ska and reggae feeling, this is an immediate and addictive tune matched with some well written and thought-provoking lyrics. (7/10)

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