Sunday, 16 July 2017

New Music Review #70

Ten more songs you must listen to!

Addictive Philosophy - (Not a) Novelty (Radio Edit)

If you can't enjoy a bit of fast-paced ska in July when can you? Though it doesn't exactly break any traditions or new ground it's a jaunty, bouncy number with plenty of brass. (7/10)

Affairs - Gracious World

Affairs have contributed several Editors-like indie songs recently and though 'Gracious World' doesn't break the mould or offer a huge memorable chorus there is plenty to like in this downbeat but progressive song. (6.5/10)

April Towers - Takes One To Know One

The first cut from their upcoming debut album there is a solid 80s-style to this indie-rock piece with a catchy guitar riff, a crisp production and a fun chanting style in parts, with a production style that embraces the fun of the band. Very promising! (7/10)

Balako - Hora De Balako

With hints of Boney M, Telstar and Chic, this is a funky sounding throwback to the seventies mixed with the radiophonic workshop! (6/10)

Fejká feat. Hildur - Twilight

'Twilight' is the musical equivalent of that time of the day; gentle, relaxing and atmospheric. At nearly seven minutes it's perhaps a little long but works. (6/10)

Marina Avetisian - Shivers

With hints of Corinne Bailey-Rae, this is a delightfully sensual and smooth stripped back number with Avetisian's beautiful voice at its centre. (7/10)

My Vitriol - It's So Damn Easy / Rest Your Tired Head

Though I wasn't a big fan of their album from which these are taken, these indie-rock songs have strong enough choruses and great progression to stand on its own as tracks, though the screamy ending of the first track feels unnecessary. (6.5/10)

Summer Heart - Hotel Beds

A laid back, cool summer hit with warm vibes and some strong instrumentation that pulls together into an eclectic collection of ideas. (6/10)

Tonica - Save Yourself

'Save Yourself' is a solidly produced dance track that will win you over with its catchy hooks. (6.5/10)

Trio Da Kali & Kronos Quartet - Eh Ya Ye (Radio Edit)

Classically-sounding world music with a strong warm heart and a great energetic vibe. (6/10)

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