Monday, 13 March 2017

KBPS Interview: Dan Owen

Shrewsbury-based singer-songwriter Dan Owen is preparing to embark on a UK tour which includes the Oporto in Leeds on 12th April. We got the chance to speak to him about his new single 'Moonlight' and his upcoming live dates.

Your new single is ‘Moonlight’. How would you describe it?
It's a really slow tempo song. I always say it has an around the campfire sort of feel.  Quite simple guitar picking but a pretty demanding vocal. 

What was your inspiration behind the lyrics?
It is a love song of sorts. With some darker undertones. People tend to project their own meaning onto songs which I think is really good thing. It means they relate to the lyrics more and create an emotional connection. Sometimes I don't want to ruin their vision of the song by explaining too much.

The video features footage from your tour; how did that all go?
The footage came out of 2 tours, one was from a Birdy support tour and the other half was from a tour with Kaleo, they were both really awesome tours with amazing crowds and artists. Touring is my favourite part of my job. I get to travel, meet great people and sing to my hearts content!

What’s your most memorable moment from the tour or the one you’re currently on?
On the tour I'm on now (which is my first ever headline European tour) to stand on stage at the Paradiso in Amsterdam and hear people in a different country singing my songs back at me has been a memory I will never forget. Singing a duet with Birdy every night of the tour is going to be pretty hard to beat too!

You’re playing Leeds on the 12th April; what can people expect from your live sound?
A mix of up-beat sing along/clap along sometimes stomping tunes and sometimes more intimate slow songs. A bit of harmonica too :)

You have a new EP out called ‘Open Hands and Enemies’. Is ‘Moonlight’ reflective of that release as a whole? 
We called the EP that because two of the songs were written in a way of putting out your hands wanting to bring someone in, and the other two are about pushing someone away. So I suppose it is pretty representative of half of the release? 

You’re involved with Burberry Acoustic as well. How did you get involved with that
We got together over London fashion week and I went to one of their shows to sing them some songs live as well as recording the video session. It was an awesome day and they gave me a free outfit! :)

Your Facebook page has shots of you out and about. Are you a keen walker? Where’s your favourite place to go? Does that help you with songwriting?
I really like being outdoors, I grew up in Shropshire so hills and fields have always been a big part of my life, and it's usually the first place (and my favourite place) I go to unwind when I get back from tour. It is hard to not feel inspired when you're out there.

What are your plans for the rest of 2017? Any album hopes?
Definitely going to be recording a lot of songs through the summer along side a few festivals and really hoping to get something released towards the end of the summer with another big tour at the end of the year! 

Finally do you have a big dream for the year you’d love to achieve?
I would love to have a song get going on the radio. It would also be awesome if I could play to so many new people that every night of my next tour sells out. That would be really amazing.

Find out more about Dan Owen on Facebook.

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