Saturday, 25 March 2017

New Music Review #35

More music for your listening pleasure!

Alesso - Falling

'Falling' is not massively revolutionary - it's a pretty by-the-numbers dance track - but it's catchy and danceable enough to hold together, held together by the alluring lead vocals. (6/10)

Circa Waves - Fire That Burns

'Fire That Burns' is not their best but it's another perky little pop song with indie overtones that give it a bit more bite. (6/10)

Flo Rida feat. Sage The Gemini - Game Time

Let's by honest: the lyrics are naff, the production cliched, and the vocals heavily autotuned, but there's something catchy about the record amongst its absurdity, though not sure about the dubstep-basketball-sound-effect breakdown. (6/10)

Gary Barlow - Yorkshire

Taken from the new 'Calendar Girls' musical, this song might be a little cliched (and that's coming from someone who is from and live in Yorkshire) but its stripped back, jaunty, tongue-in-cheek tone is fun and singable. (7.5/10)

Lana Del Rey - Love

Don't expect anything different in sound from Del Rey with 'Love'. It's once more dark, slow and depressing but aside from the lacklustre breakdown it's a pretty smooth and relaxing little indie number, though it's definitely more of the same. (6.5/10)

Linkin Park feat. Kiiara - Heavy

Quite relaxed by Linkin Park's standards, this might split the fan base after something louder, screamier, rappier and, ironically, heavier, but the balance of vocals and the stripped back feel works for me. (7/10)

Marc Almond - A Kind Of Love

It's been a while since Marc Almond has been in the musical public eye but with new music like this fun, poppy number he's clearly been missed. A simple but optimistic little pop number. (7/10)

Mike Posner - In The Arms Of A Stranger (Grey Remix) 

It's not a huge departure from his previous singles in terms of sound (once more a remix adds extra flavour to the record) but it's bouncy production with layered vocals in different styles gives it some gusto that carries it well. (6.5/10)

Pitbull feat. Stephen Marley - Options

This slow and sultry number is actually really Stephen Marley's piece and Pitbull's contributions are pretty unnecessary and the song's better without him. (6.5/10)

Young Astronaut - Chasing El Dorado

Initially coming across as quite a slow and maudlin piece, 'Chasing El Dorado' quickly grows into a building, evocative and well produced slice of indie with some western cinematic undertones and a dark, broody appeal. (7.5/10)

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