Saturday, 25 March 2017

New Music Review #36

Here we are with ten more songs you need to hear!

Alexander James - Faith

'Faith' is a cool little indie number with a dramatic driving rhythm and a gritty feel that works well with James' harmonies and perky pop-indie vocals. (6.5/10)

Alison Krauss - Losing You

With tinges of country, 'Losing You' is a gentle, atmospheric ballad that showcases to great effect Krauss' beautiful voices. Stripped back and simple, it's a delightful ballad with a retro throwback with modern production twists. (7/10)

The Amazons - Black Magic

Sounding like a cross between the Wombats and the Arctic Monkeys, this gritty rock-indie song doesn't perhaps have a huge memorable chorus but the general style and solid production effects make up for that. (6.5/10)

Casey Lowry - Trampoline

'Trampoline' is a sweet little indie song with a positive, upbeat chorus, and a strong electro-pop vibe and drum pattern that will raise a smile with its simple instrumental and quaint lyrics but ultimately fun feel. (7/10)

The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This

I'm not a huge fan of the music of the Chainsmokers, and I'm sure people will have their own opinions on the sound of Coldplay, but together they've created quite a fun and perky indie-dance track that actually merges their strengths together into a cool pop hit. (7/10)

Frances - No Matter

'No Matter' is a mixture of things - electronic effects, vocal trickery, and indie vibes - that come together in a fun, perky and quirky song, held together by Frances great sunny vocals. (6.5/10)

Maren Morris - My Church

Continuing the increasing rise in popularity of country music, Maren Morris delivers 'My Church', balancing the attitude and guts of Kasey Musgraves with a more traditional country sound. Catchy, quirky but thoroughly country this is a great sing-a-long ditty that will please the country classic fans and those who prefer a more modern take. (7/10)

Martin Jensen - Solo Dance

It's chorus might be as generic and off-the-shelf as many other dance numbers but the choruses are catchy and uplifting, and the lead vocals sweet and involving. Worth a spin. (7/10)

Megan Lara Mae - Mask

If you want a track that's smooth and relaxing sung by a singer with a beautiful voice then you could do far worse than this great little song. It's choruses is perhaps not as big as you'd expect but the vocal work is great and emotive. (7/10)

Take That - Giants

Take That have taken a bit of influence from their recent collaboration with Sigma in this latest single as it has a stronger electronic focus than we may have had before, though it's still as poppy as you'd expect from the lads. It's safe, radio-friendly and generic, but it's still a worthwhile distraction from the man band. (7/10)

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