Tuesday, 21 March 2017

KBPS Interview: SQRD

SQRD is an exciting electropop project based in Stockholm. We spoke to SQRD about their new single 'Together'.

Your new single is called ‘Together’. How would you describe it?
It’s a cosy track and I had real fun creating it. It’s more vocal with a happier melody than my previous tracks, and it’s a song to turn on when you’re relaxing, if you’ve had a rough day, and want to chill out!

How has your sound developed from your Gold EP?
I think it just came about. Maybe it was me developing as a person that was reflected in it. [My latest EP] was a darker sound without that many vocals. I tried to make the vocals more prominent in the mix and also as part of the track, and a bit more happy. It’s not happy, but happier!

The song is about the fear of losing people?
I had some people that I used to hang out with and then I moved to Stockholm from Berlin and there were so many people I still wanted to hang out with, and it was the fear of losing them.

Have you got any live dates coming up?
So far with SQRD I’ve never performed live. I have been performing live with previous bands.

Will you be touring?
I’ll see how things go. My private life is quite demanding so I’m doing a lot of travelling and I don’t really have the capacity to plan for a tour.

Will there be a video for ‘Together’?
Yes, a video is coming. We did it during the summer time so it will be a very relaxed video, filmed in Sweden in the beautiful nature. I’ll be really glad to share it when it comes out!

What are your big ambitions for the rest of 2016?
I would like to play live and do it, because I’ve been doing this project for over a year, so I should start playing live!

You mentioned previous acts before; what they were like?

They were a different type of music, jazz guitar! We had an ensemble, of jazz standards, and I played a lot of classical music before. So this music is more my own baby and not someone elses!

Find out more about SQRD on Facebook.

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