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KBPS Interview: Tally Spear

There is much more to 21 year old songwriter Tally Spear than first meets the eye. The pretty folk driven songsmith may draw her musical inspiration from Bob Dylan and Neil Young, but the daughter of a musician and an actress has always known at her core that her own journey is truly unique. Having expressed herself through an assortment of mediums as a child, Tally may now have a career in music as her primary target, but this does not override the creative flair she has in other fields.

Having teased her audience with the release of the country bounce of Wrong Side Of The Road, Tally Spear is showcasing not only the versatility of her sound on new single Days Like These, but also offering insight to her other forms of self-expression. From the artwork she has crafted for the cover through to her post-production skills for the forthcoming video, Tally is an artist who oversees every aspect of her output.

We spoke to Tally about her new single ‘Days Like These’ and asked her to describe it.
The track is a very honest track, which is what I wanted. I really want to be a very honest artist at this stage. The song is about the struggles everyone has a writer at times, writer’s block. It’s kind of an ironic track as it’s actually a song about a struggle to write songs at times!

Writer’s block was in the news recently with Brandon Flowers of the Killers talking about his struggles; do you think it’s a common thing with musicians?
It’s a mysterious phenomenon; I don’t think anyone really understands why they experience it; what it really is; how they fix it. I don’t think there is an answer. We’re all human and we don’t know when creativity is going to flow or when it’s not going to flow. I think the most important thing is not to fight against it. If you’re not feeling creative then just put the pen down and try another day.

How does it compare to 'Wrong Side of the Road'?
I think ‘Days Like These’ is very much a continuation of that track. They were both written in similar times and have a similar sound to them, but I’m planning on releasing some new music in the new year and later on next year that will be going off into a slightly different direction but keeping some of the same sound going too.

How have you been involved with the video?
I created and directed it. I wanted the video to be super honest and super simple, and I didn’t want to make it too fancy. It’s a small video that’s meant to be a window into the day when I wrote the song in my wood cabin in my garden and it’s showing the process, spending a lot of time on my own, feeling inspired, but also frustrated. I also edited the video afterwards myself so it was a self-project.

Is it important to you as an artist to have that control over your image as well as your music?
Yes, definitely. As I develop as an artist being involved with the projects as much as possible is important to me, just because I have this image in my mind of what I want to say and how I want to say it. If it comes from me that’s the best way to be as honest as possible.

Who would you class as your big musical inspirations?
I have an eclectic taste in music and I listen to everything from folk – Bob Dylan is a huge, huge inspiration, especially as I initially looked for my sound, I listened to a lot of him at University in my late teen years – to punk. My brother is a punk rock drummer so I listened to lots of fast-paced music in my house! I’m also a fan of jazz so I get inspiration from a wide range of genres.

You recently did a Sofar Sounds event, how did that go?
I have a good relationship with the Sofar Sounds team. I really enjoy playing with them. I do a gig with them every month or too and they’re always a lot of fun!

How would you describe your live sound?
I usually perform on my own or with a backing band. I love playing with other musicians; I think it’s my favourite set-up, live performance wise, as the energy is there and you bounce off their energies. Your songs come alive when you have those different textures.

Do you have any album or EP plans?
It’s all kind of up in the air at the moment, nothing is set in stone. I haven’t announced anything publically yet but I do have plans for bigger things. Keep your eyes peeled!

Finally what are your ambitions for the next six months?
Just really making connections with other people and getting heard a bit more. 2017 has been my starting line, and I all I really look forward to is meeting new people [and] getting involved with as many new projects as possible, and getting my music heard by others.

Check Tally Spear at which includes links to her social media.

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