Monday, 2 October 2017

New Music Review #91

Another ten songs you have to hear!

Alan Walker - The Spectre

It might be more about the music than the lyrics but it all works together as a neat musical package that is surprisingly atmospheric. (6/10)

Alex Lahey - I Haven't Been Taking Care of Myself

With a beat that wouldn't be out of place on a Hoosiers record, this lo-fi punky number has a catchy rhythm, relatable lyrics and a fun vibe. (6.5/10)

Astrid S - Think Before I Talk

A refreshingly honest rnb-ballad with some touching lyrics that give the record an emotional heart to its stripped back start. (7/10)

Axel Jansson - How It Feels To Lose 

'How It Feels To Lose' is a smooth indie-rock number boosted by Jansson's interesting vocals and the well produced guitar work. (6.5/10)

Beth Ditto - We Could Run

A bit of a change in style for Beth Ditto on this power ballad that gives her big voice time to shine. It lacks perhaps a huge chorus but it has plenty of energy and some strong imagery in its lyrics. (7/10)

Gregory Porter - Smile

It's not a particularly revolutionary cover of the Nat King Cole classic but it's a beautiful take on it, thanks to Porter's distinctive and delightful vocals. (7/10)

Nick Jonas - Find You

Though the autotune is a little distracting this is a fun, flowing little track with a touching heart plus hints at something a little clubbier. (6/10)

Nina Nesbitt - The Best You Had

Nina Nesbitt returns with another strong single, this time the slower and more story-led 'The Best You Had'. I prefer her more uptempo numbers like 'Chewing Gum' but this shift in style is welcome. (6.5/10)

Rae Morris - Do It

A shift in direction for Morris' new single but she nails the new sound with a slow yet catchy vibe, delivered by her delightful vocals and a stripped back yet crisp production. (6.5/10)

Sia - Rainbow

Whether you live the film it's taken from or not, you can't deny this is a touching, beautifully sung number from Sia, who certainly has a strong hit rate. (7/10)

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