Saturday, 28 October 2017

New Music Review #107

Ten more songs you need to hear!

AstroVoyager - First Lights

'First Lights' is an atmospheric instrumental with hints of futuristic space travel in its delightful progression - like Muse if they turned their ear to pure synths. (6.5/10)

Bishop Briggs - Dream

An energetic and exciting number with a determined beat and a Florence and the Machine-vibe. A grower. (6.5/10)

The Ghibertins - I'm War (Live in a Cave)

The Ghibertins continue to release some great singles and though 'I'm War' is less bombastic than their previous singles, the deep voice of the lead singer, here demonstrating some emotive fragility; strongly delivered lyrics; and the recognisable guitar riff make this still a worthwhile listen. Plus as a live track is very strongly done. (6.5/10)

Jules Rendell - Old Friend

Though it's perhaps a little too gentle for its own good this is a smooth and soulful number with a chorus that reveals its magic over a few listens. Rendell has a great Emile Sande like sound and this is a good introduction. (6/10)

Junge Junge - I'm The One

'I'm the One', with its soaring production, heart-felt lyrics and uplifting thoughtful delivery, makes for a strong and touching ballad with extra balls. Great. (7/10)

Lucy Rose - No Good At All

Another beautifully sung number from Rose, with her delightful voice wrapped around this gentle number. It's not hugely memorable but it's a pleasant, relaxing piece. (6/10)

Marshmello - You & Me

Its club-sound might be a little off-the-shelf but its Good Charlotte / Blink 182 vibe works well, it's just a shame it would sound better as a less over-produced number. (5.5/10)

Melanie C - Room For Love

With hints of OneRepublic and Timbaland this is perhaps lyrically stronger than it is memorable but it's heart is in the right place and the production lifts it up. (6.5/10)

Shaydee feat Wiz Kid - Make Sense (Clean Edit)

Though its summery sound and video might feel out of place in late October this is a cool laid-back number with a fun vibe. Smooth. (6/10)

Taylor Swift - Gorgeous

Not quite sure it's the greatest of messages hidden within the lyrics, but it's mid-tempo chunky production style works well and the rhythm is cool. (6/10)

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