Tuesday, 10 October 2017

New Music Review #98

How about another ten songs to listen to?

Amanda Mair - Rush / Wednesday

This double-header from Mair showcases a smoothly ethereal production style that gives her atmospheric voice chance to shine, like a less rocky Evanescence. 'Rush', with its stronger focus on lyrics, is the better of the two but both are cool numbers well created. (6.5/10)

AVA - After the Storm

Though it might take a little bit to get going by the time Ava's voice reaches the chorus' crescendo this proves to be a dramatic, incredibly well sung atmospheric number with poignant yet subdued production. Powerful. (7.5/10)

Eamon - I Got Soul

We do like a nice bit of soul here at KBPS and Eamon's single is a cool slice of it. It's not got a huge chorus but it's a gentle and stylish piece of cool. (7/10)

Hunger - Amused

With its central 'steering wheel' hook this is a very catchy, radio-friendly slice of downbeat pop. Great. (7/10)

Jamie Porter - Can't Stop Loving You / Lay It On Me

A darkly produced but building indie number with a strong hooky chorus. Quite a change in style to the upbeat 'Sound of the Summer' from earlier but still a fun number. 'Lay It On Me' with its guitar licks and country-hints is the better of the two with a great rhythm and vibe (6.5/10)

Lorne - Oil and Water

With hints of Coldplay around their 'Viva La Vida' era, that is an emotive and gentle soulful ballad with a delightfully emotional central vocal. (7/10)

Picturehouse - Somebody Somewhere

Another track taken from their greatest hits / refreshed collection, this is another delightfully chilled-out folky ballad with a peaceful tempo and a delightful vibe, with hints at a Wintery / Christmas feel to its production. (7/10)

Shaun Kelly and the Returned Gifts - Indigo

Following the brilliant 'Cadillac' Kelly and his gifts are back with this simple but jaunty indie number with a fun, catchy chorus and a delightful upbeat vibe. Nice. (7/10)

Swym - Up To You

'Up To You' is a cool and well produced slice of indie-pop with musical dips and peaks creating some great musical twists and turns, alongside a fun chorus. (6.5/10)

Villa Rivercat - More

With a central beautiful voice, 'More' takes a bit to show its attraction but by the time you get to the 'Hey Jude'-esque stadium-friendly ending you'll have fallen in love with its ethereal and surprisingly hooky catchiness. (7.5/10)

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