Wednesday, 11 October 2017

New Music Review #99

Ten more songs you must hear!

Gabrielle Aplin - Stay

Though lacking the big energy of 'Wake Up Slow' it's difficult not to love Aplin's sweet vocals on this new track that builds well and highlights some touching lyrics with her crucial falsetto moments and moments of power. (6.5/10)

gnash & Imad Royal - superlit

With a Bruno Mars vibe, don't let the title put you off as this is a cool, stripped back funky little number with a catchy chorus and a really chilled-out vibe. (7/10)

Jon Boden - All The Stars Are Coming Out Tonight

Though the title is more likely to bring Take That to mind than anything else this is a perky country-classical tinged song that builds to quite a crescendo. It might not have the biggest chorus or memorability but there's good musicmanship here and the multi-layered vocals at the end are fun. (6.5/10)

Kah Lo - Fasta

A catchy fast-paced dance track with some nicely produced lyrics and a fun, funky feel like summer is still with us. (6.5/10)

Klingande - Pumped Up

Stealing its riff from the classic 'Foster the People' hit gives this single 90% of its appeal but by dancing it up, adding some fresh verses and a summery feel doesn't make it seems too much like a lazy effort. (7/10)

Kungs feat. Olly Murs and Coely - More Mess

It might be lyrically a bit fag-packet but it brings some much needed sunshine to this darker time of year with Murs and Coely both on strong form, and hints of U2's 'Sweetest Thing' lift it. (6.5/10)

Maty Noyes - Say It To My Face

With a really catchy poppy chorus, Noyes mixes the upbeat production with a darker lyrical delivery and a fun tempo. Great. (7/10)

Michael Malarkey - Uncomfortably Numb

An interesting titular take on the Pink Floyd classic, this is a gruff, Chris Rea-like number that might not jump out at you thanks to its downbeat, gloomy lyrics and dark production style, but moves along nicely and atmospherically. (6/10)

Walk the Moon - One Foot

Maybe not as immediately grabbable as their breakable songs and putting, er, one foot, into club sound, this is still a perky enough pop song and even cheekily throws in a Sean Paul lyrical interpolation. (6.5/10)

Weezer - Weekend Woman

It might be a little downbeat in style at times but this is the poppiest and funnest single from Weezer in a while and feels like it could become quite anthemic for those waiting for the weekend to arrive. (7/10)

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