Monday, 24 April 2017

KBPS Interview: Harrison Bond

Milton Keynes based Indie Pop artist Harrison Bond broke onto the London indie scene in late 2016. With his debut EP ‘Wonder In Aliceland’ being well received, he earned his name on the bill at some top venues including London’s O2 Academy Islington. We spoke to Harrison and began by asking him about his new single ‘Fallen Out of Love’

It’s quite influenced by my favourite artists like Lana Del Rey. Lyrically it’s influenced by artists like Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys. I like it; it’s quite different from my EP from October 2016. This song’s a little bit more upbeat than the EP but I like how it’s turned out.

When you create a song is it the lyrics that come first?
I think a lot of the time it goes together. I’m usually writing at my piano or on my guitar and it kind of flows. For this song it was the music that came first and I wrote the lyrics around it so it was a slightly different approach to what I’m used to, but I quite enjoyed working that way to be honest so it’s something that I’ll look at when writing in the future.

What was your EP like to record?
A lot of it was recorded at home as it was the first thing I’d really released and I’d done a lot of work on it at home: a lot of writing, and I had quite a lot of songs to choose from but for that EP I picked five. I enjoyed it. Compared to the single the recording process was very different. I had a serious producer on board with the single so in that sense it was more professionally produced but I enjoyed working that way.

Are there any plans for a video for ‘Fallen Out of Love’?
Yeah. There will be a video, with footage of me in the studio recording the songs. I was down in Cornwall for a few days recording some tracks so there’s videos from Cornwall to come out of the studio sessions, of me playing the tracks. Hopefully that’ll be out in the next week or so.

Previously you’ve supported your releases with live dates; have you got any other gigs coming up?
I’m hoping to do a bit of a UK tour in a couple of months. During the summer I’m working with a group of other musicians to make sure we’ve got the songs down, because with the EP a lot of it was me performing solo and I felt that with the new releases I should get a band behind me so that’s what we’re working on at the moment: getting to know each other. We’re looking to play all around the UK maybe in a couple of months, in July or August time.

So your live sound will be big?
In terms of the single, we will be trying to get as close to the studio sound as possible but previously I’ve done a lot of solo stuff; it was just me with an acoustic guitar and it wasn’t necessarily a reflection on how the actual track sounded. I think that’s why I wanted to get other musicians on board so we could get it as close to the track sound as possible.

What are your musical plans after the single?
I definitely want to do a second EP at the end of this year. I’ve been doing a lot of writing at the moment so I feel like I’ve got a good amount of songs I can work on and get some good material out by the end of this year. I’d like to have another single before that as well.

Finally what are your big ambitions for the rest of the year?

I’d really just to like to introduce myself to new areas in the UK and start to build up a slightly bigger fanbase. With the EP last year it was mainly just in London that I was gigging and I’ve built up a good fanbase in London but I just want to branch out into some new areas and hopefully for 2018 that’s when I want to get an album out and hit the festivals.

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