Thursday, 20 April 2017

New Music Review #38

Ten more great tracks we say you need to hear!

Axwell /\ Ingrosso feat. Kid Ink - I Love You

Let's be honest, most of the appeal of this song comes from the classical riff of its chorus and not the by-numbers Kid Ink verses, but it's a better song from Axwell and Ingrosso than they've had recently. (6.5/10)

British Sea Power - Keep On Trying (Sechs Freunde) 

Not known for their poppiness, there is a surpisingly Sparks-level of hook here in a song that is memorable in a more arty fashion. Nice, and arguably their best track in a long while. (6.5/10)

Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like 

The lyrics may be pretty shallow and the territory familiar but it's all wrapped up in a catchy funk like his most recent singles that it's hard not to be won over. (6.5/10)

Elle King - Wild Love

Elle King could do no wrong with her singles last year and 2017 looks like she's continuing in a similar vein with this quieter but no less strongly sang single with her trademark power and comforting voice. (7/10)

Glenn Hodge Banned - Faces on Tables

‘Faces on Tables’ is a foot-tapping post-punk number with a delightful fast-paced rhythm, great lyrics and a distinctive vocal from Glenn Hodge. Instantly catchy, this is a great stripped-back acoustic punk number that is worth a spin today. (8/10)

Julia Michaels - Issues

'Issues' is a sexy and sultry little number with Michaels vocals being very listenable and the simple production giving her vox and lyrics room to breathe. (7.5/10)

Lorde - Liability

In my opinion better than 'Green Light' this stripped back, dark, emotional and vulnerable single is heartfelt and all the better for it. (7/10)

Louis Berry - She Wants Me

If George Ezra had a love child with the Animals or a similar act then out would pop Louis Berry. 'She Wants Me' is a gruff indie hit with a cheating little hook with its use of las, but it's well done. (7/10)

LP - Lost On You

My favourite song of the moment, this thumping pop number is a delight, from the lead vocals of LP to the soaring classical-influenced backing. Instantly catchy and singable, this is a great song from start to finish. (8.5/10)

Matoma & MAGIC! feat. D.R.A.M. - Girl At Coachella 

D.R.A.M.'s rap is entirely superfluous to this song and adds a level of crassness the song doesn't need, but elsewhere this laid back saunter of song captures the festival mood well in a more casual way, with a catchy chorus. (7/10)

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