Saturday, 29 April 2017

New Music Review #44

Ten more songs that you must hear today!

Fazer - I Woke Up (Radio Edit)

Another riff on the grime genre, ‘I Woke Up’ is well produced and balances the modern feel of urban music with a classical-influenced backing. The lyrics are familiar, of course, but the package is fun and enjoyable to listen to. (7/10)

Felin – Shackles

‘Shackles’, written for International Women’s Day, is another soaring and touching number from the very promising talents of Felin. Beautifully sung and going straight to the heart, you have to love Elin’s lead vocals. (7/10)

Gavin James - I Don't Know Why

‘I Don’t Know Why’ sounds like one of those songs that you think you’ve heard for a long time. With a simple but alluring chorus, this stripped back song is delightful in its delivery and lyrics, and continues to highlight the big promise of Gavin James as the Passenger of 2017. (7.5/10)

Hands of Industry - I Swear

With hints of Depeche Mode, this dark dance track brings back the 1980s and fits well into that sound with stronger modern production values. With some good effects and vibes, this is a distinctive and strong number. (7/10)

Harrison Bond - Fallen Out Of Love

‘Fallen Out of Love’ is a song with two personalities: there’s the slow pondering verses and the fastest, poppier choruses, and both work well to complement each other. A musical journey in three minutes, it’s an experience you’ll want to enjoy. (7/10)

I See Rivers - DA RAM

Short but sweet at two-and-a-half minutes, this song is quirky in its delivery and sound but pretty memorable because of it. Jaunty with oriental hints, this is a sweet little piece that plugs a small gap in your playlist thanks to its harmonies and optimistic feel. (7/10)

James King & The Regals – Murphy’s Law

A sunny, indie guitar led number, it’s not quite as memorable as their last single but once you get to the energetic guitar breakdown mid-song the song shows its hand and becomes a great fun indie banger. (6.5/10)

Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello - Bad Things

The lyrics may be a little provocative and un-radio-friendly but it’s all wrapped up in such a great package from Cabello’s sweet, innocent vocals, and Kelly’s gruffer rap. A great, sexy number. (8/10)

Mike + The Mechanics - Don't Know What Came Over Me

Like Blondie and Deep Purple mentioned previously, Mike + The Mechanics have returned with another song that sounds like it could have just been ripped from their back catalogue. A modern classic, this touching and well-produced soft rock number is touching both lyrically and in its music. (7.5/10)

Ninajirachi feat. Freya Staer - Pure Luck

With hints of AlunaGeorge, this is an eastern-sounding quirky pop number that using its production as an instrument to create a flowing and smooth little piece that is cool in its vibe. (7/10)

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