Monday, 24 April 2017

New Music Review #42

10 more songs you really need to hear!

Alex Hulme - Family Tree

With shades of Seafret in its delivery this is a surprisingly building indie-rock number. (6.5/10)

Blondie - Long Time 

Not quite as memorable or powerful as their last single but Blondie still prove to have an ear for a good little radio-friendly tune. (6.5/10)

Clean Cut Kid - Leaving You Behind

Clean Cut Kid delivery another fun and friendly pop-indie crossover. (6/10)

Dan Auerbach - Shine On Me

'Shine On Me' is one of those poppy, upbeat songs that proves catchy after just the first listen. With a catchy hook-filled chorus this is excellent and a must hear! (7.5/10)

Deep Purple – Johnny’s Band

Back after many years in the wilderness Deep Purple are back with this incredibly catchy pop-rock number that sounds like an instant classic. Singable, well written and fun this is just the sort of new song summer 2017 needs. (8/10)

Erasure - Love You To The Sky

Erasure have had a bit of a come back recently and this new song is a strong follow-up to their recent work. It's not a huge departure but it's very poppy and fun. (7/10)

Fickle Friends - Hello Hello

With hints of Tegan and Sara and Chvrches, this is a great catchy little pop-indie number with a funky, catchy beat. (7/10)

Paramore: Hard Times

Paramore are back with another great quirky pop track with interesting production and a simple, yet catchy, chorus. Great. (7/10)

Rick Astley - This Old House

Not the song you might be expecting from the title, this is another great cut from the album but with a slight club-theme added to the familiar ragga piano. Fun. (6.5/10)

Two Door Cinema Club - Lavender

It's been a while since I've heard anything from the 'club, but this is a catchy little pop hit thanks to its 'gravity's got a hold of me' chorus. Great. (7/10)

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