Sunday, 30 April 2017

New Music Review #45

Ten more great songs we've personally picked for you!

Pink Noise Party – Queer

A mid-tempo number whose opening and choral lyrics will perhaps spark a little controversy, outside of this it’s a disco-influenced funky little number complete with vocal tricks, piano riffs and other refreshing elements. A cool little number. (7/10)

Reggie N Bollie - This is the Life

Talent shows singers Reggie N Bollie return with this summer-friendly number which fits in neatly with the tropes of Caribbean music. It perhaps doesn’t plough its own unique furrow but it’s fun and enjoyable enough while it lasts. (6.5/10)

Saint Motel – Move

Another one of my favourite songs around at the moment, this catchy and dance-focussed number boasts memorable lyrics, a solid production style and a building verse that leads to an enthusiastic chorus. A brilliant, poppy, radio-friendly number. (8/10)

Shakatak - Carry On

Sounding like a mixture of Simply Red and the Bee Gees ‘Carry On’ is a retro-sounding funky number with a calming, chilled-out vibe and a very welcome keytar breakdown. Fun. (7/10)

SQRD – Together

‘Together’ is a chilled out number with a catchy, electronic riff and simple, but complimentary, lyrics. (6.5/10)

Steps - Scared Of The Dark

Another band returns after a while away, and though it’s pretty much the Claire show this is a catchy, classic-sounding Steps song complete with electronic drums, synthesized strings and soaring bridges. Fitting perfectly into their established discography, this is pop-dance at its cheesy finest. (7.5/10)

Tayfun – Figo

A musical backing that sounds like a cross between a Christmas carol and something by Enigma, is what makes this song. The rap laid over the top is good too but familiar, but it’s when it’s matched with the audio that it comes alive, especially in the multi-layered chorus. Full marks to the producer for bringing the best out of the song. (7.5/10)

The Allergies feat. Andy Cooper - Love That I'm In

‘Love That I'm In’ is another funky little number from the Allergies, the mixture of vocals and rap, disco backing and electronic riffs all working together to create a bouncy, joyful atmosphere that will put a smile on your face. (7/10)

Train - Play That Song

Building its riff from the famous piano piece from movie “Big”, this is cheesy, poppy and commercial but that’s not always a bad thing when it’s wrapped up in a song as fun and friendly as this. Cool. (7.5/10)

Tuxedo - 2nd Time Around

With echoes of Chic this is a seventies-sounding funky number with a positive vibe, catchy riffs and a sunny optimism, and a very singable chorus. A great throwback sounding number. (7.5/10)

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