Sunday, 23 April 2017

New Music Review #41

Another ten tracks you need to hear!

Disciples - On My Mind

Much of the song falls firmly into generic dance but it's the hooky, deeper chorus that means the track stays more on my mind. (6.5/10)

Harry Styles - Sign of the Times

Heavily influenced by the late David Bowie, this is quite a brave first single from the former 1D member. A little slow and ponderous but it grows on you, and feels pretty mature. (7/10)

JP Cooper - Passport Home

'Passport Home' is another smooth, lighters-out song from JP Cooper that is well written and produced. (6.5/10)

The Kooks - Be Who You Are

Taken from their new greatest hits compilation, this isn't quite up to their classic big hits but it showcases their ear for a great tune really well and has that fun sing-a-long indie-pop chorus they're known for. (6.5/10)

Melanie C feat. Alex Francis - Hold On

Mel C can usually be relied on for a few single and though this is more slower than her usual release it has a good heart to it. (6.5/10)

San Cisco - Hey, Did I Do You Wrong?

If you want a gentle, summery indie number then you can't go far wrong with this little number. (6.5/10)

Sigrid - Don't Kill My Vibe (Acoustic)

Much more emotive in its acoustic form, this is a delightfully stripped back little number. (6.5/10)

Tinie Tempah feat. Tinashe - Text From Your Ex

Mr. Tempah continues his journey moving away from his urban routes to something much more commercial and though this song isn't a patch on his early work the balance between his raps and Tinashe's perky choruses works well. But I long for his Labrinth collaborations. (6.5/10)

Urband Soul - Struggle

Coming to our attention after a bit of a gap this is a cool, slow rap with some solid metaphors making a cracking chorus. (6.5/10)

Will Joseph Cook - Beach (I Wanna Make You Mine)

Cook has yet to find a song as brilliant and poppy as 'Girls Like Me' but he's still doing well enough with this single which balances his indie and pop loves. (6.5/10)

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