Sunday, 7 May 2017

Album Review: The Franklin Electric – Blue Ceilings

‘Blue Ceilings’ is a collection of eleven songs of mid-tempo indie-rock numbers that have a gentle and loveable vibe from the outset, starting with the anthemic and likeable ‘I Know the Feeling’ which boasts a hooky chorus and pleasing rhythm. ‘Someone Just Like You’ has a pleasing driving rhythm and ‘Burning Flame’ has some pleasing vocal effects and harmonies to carry the slower number forward though this is a little too bland for my tastes compared to the strong double header that opens the album. ‘Save Yourself’ is a better single, its dark backline and piano riff working well with the lyrics. ‘All Along’ perks things up with some vocal call-outs and offers something a little poppier, whilst ‘Walk With You’ is a cacophony of different elements that builds up to quite a sonic sound.

Pushing into the second half of the EP, ‘So Far’ wins over with its indie progression whilst the electronic clunks that open up the main riff of ‘Resistance’ offers a new flavour but the opening promises more energy than the track ultimately delivers though it does build up some energy in the bridges though it does feel like a song of two disparate halves. ‘It’s Taking You’, the longest track on the album, is a slower affair with a stripped back sound, and it’s pleasing enough on the ears thanks to the likeable lead vocals but it doesn’t really bring anything exciting to the table that we haven’t already heard though the production shines. ‘Can I Get It Back’ continues the feel of the album but offers a few tweaks on the instrumentation used with hints at a mariachi and chant-a-long feel near the end, whilst closer ‘Blue Ceilings Outro’ is a ninety second instrumental that provides a charming conclusion.

‘Blue Ceilings’ is an enjoyable album of strong indie songs but doesn’t really deviate from the formula much during its 41minute run, so don’t expect much variety from the band, but it’s a pleasant enough listen of strong vocals and musical achievement. (6.5/10)

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