Tuesday, 30 May 2017

New Music Review #58

Ten more songs you need to hear!

ARTAN - Opposite Interests

A cooler, more interestingly produced track than the usual entries in the genre, this is a catchy, calm song with a stronger lyrical focus than you'd expect and a production style that reminds me a little of Enigma at their height. (6.5/10)

Father John Misty - Total Entertainment Forever

The best song off Misty's latest album, 'Total Entertainment Forever' doesn't quite live up to its opening lines and flatly avoids anything commercial but it is fun in a quirky way. (6/10)

Jerry Williams - I’m Not in Love With You

With hints of Lily Allen in her vocal style, this is a sweet little stripped back number with an emotional heart and hints of ballsy attitude. (7/10)

JP Cooper - Passport Home

Another great little indie-pop number from Cooper that mixes gentle music, a sweet voice, touching lyrics, gospel-feel and little sparks of interest based around the whistling sections and other neat little tricks. (7.5/10)

Keith Urban feat. Carrie Underwood - The Fighter

Less country than you'd expect from the pair, this is a bouncy, call-and-response focussed pop number with heart. Nice! (7/10)

Linkin Park - Invisible

Linkin Park may have gone a bit more pop recently and - whisper it - a little blander with tracks like this, but it plays out nicely even if the chorus is too repetitive and I miss the louder, rappier band. (6/10)

Sparks - What The Hell Is It This Time?

It might not be as musically different as you'd expect from the ever-changing duo, sounding as it does like 'This is the Renaissance' and songs from that era, but it's another quirky and eccentric pop-electronic number from the musical veterans with an intriguing topic tackled with their usual wit. (7.5/10)

Steps - Story Of A Heart 

A cover of a song by 50% of Abba, some of the lyrics may be a little bland ("staring at the back of a bus??") but it's a touching heart-felt ballad delivered well. (7/10)

Two4Kay - 2 2 Badmind

It may revel in a few genre cliches but it's actually a pretty fun summer-friendly club number with a mixture of rnb and urban styles. (6/10)

The Vamps and Martin Jensen - Middle Of The Night

The Vamps border on sell-out with this club-focussed number but it has a certain amount of catchiness amongst its familiarity. (6.5/10)

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