Thursday, 4 May 2017

Album Review: Jesse & Joy - Jesse & Joy

Attracted by the lead single to pick up this album, it was a good decision. Jesse & Joy’s self-titled album is, pardon the pun, a joy. Opening with the perky, lighters-out, emotionally charged ‘Echoes of Love’ the album boasts a dozen well-polished pop-country numbers split between English and Spanish themes. Track two is the aforementioned lead single, the joyful samba-enthused ‘More Than Amigos’ which is one of the best songs of 2017 so far thanks to its positive sheen, charged delivery, sing-a-long vibe and hook-filled chorus. ‘Espacio Sideral’, the first Spanish number, remains bouncy and fun thanks to its rhythm, energy and driving rhythm even if you don’t know what the lyrics are saying.

Second single ‘Helpless’ is a slower, but no less fun, track with more strong pop sensibilities and a touching emotional delivery to the heart-breaking lyrics. ‘Run’ continues the mid-tempo style with more well written words and touching vocals and keeps the pace going. ‘No Soy una de Esas’ is another Spanish track, unsurprisingly, but it continues to embrace the mash-up of brass, poppy-hooks and an unstoppable enthusiasm that’s very addictive. ‘La De la Mala Suerte’ brings us into the second half and is a slower number but the soaring lead vocals and stripped back strings-feel again hook you in.

‘Here I Go’ continues the samba and sunny vibe, with an early Shakira-style sound. ‘Un Besito Más’ is a stripped-back country-tinged ballad with some strong harmonies that offers a more gentle vibe; ‘Llegaste Tú’ is a bit more layered but continues the style nicely; whilst penultimate song ‘Little Drops of Love’ is the final English written track but again is delightfully catchy, sweet and poppy. Closer ‘ICorre!’ wraps things up nicely with a piano-led ballad with a simple, but hooky chorus, finishing off an album that is packed with great pop-country numbers that will have you singing along. Great. (8/10)

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