Thursday, 25 May 2017

New Music Review #57

Another ten songs you'll want to hear from all of us at KBPS!

Coco feat. Scrufizzer - Ingredients

A quirky, intriguingly produced grime track which sounds like it shouldn't work from its weird switches in pace and style, but does. (6/10)

Coucheron feat. Ary - High By The Riverside

I keep getting impressed by the work of Coucheron and though the bigger focus on electronic club sounds rather than a catchy chorus works against this particular track, there's enough fun and hooks in the verse to keep things interesting. (7/10)

Double S feat. Wiley - Get Paid

Another grime-pop cross over from Double S that again proves a successful merging of styles, with strong crisp production, fast verses and a commercial ear. (7/10)

HAIM - Want You Back

HAIM release another quirky, catchy indie-pop number with solid harmonies. It's not ground breaking but makes for a pleasing listen. (6.5/10)

J & The Rest - 4 a.m. Again

'4 a.m. Again' is an upbeat, poppy track with a building funky rhythm and hints at a more clubby production style that bounce well of each other. (7/10)

K.I.D - Taker

In definite need of a replay, this is a catchy, poppy, punky number with an instantly catchy chorus and a joyous fast-paced rhythm, though the lyrics are a little NSFW. Brilliant! (7.5/10)

Lina - Can’t Keep Falling

'Can't Keep Falling' us an upbeat quirky little pop song with electronic undertones that keeps your feet-tapping. (7/10)

Marshmello - Moving On

It might have two many dance-club tropes including being over-produced for my liking but there's something about the energy in it that I like. (6.5/10)

Nasher - XO

With hints of Gary Barlow in his vocal sound, this is a summery, catchy indie hit with a simple yet memorable chorus and an optimistic outlook that reminds you of the Boo Radleys at their peak. (7.5/10)

The Pocket Gods - The Perfect Blue

'The Perfect Blue' is a really bouncy, upbeat pop song with crunching guitars, a toe-tapping vibe and a relentless optimism. Great. (7.5/10)

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