Tuesday, 2 May 2017

New Music Review #47

Ten more songs you have to hear!

Asgeir – Stardust

‘Stardust’ is a funky mid-tempo number that moves along with a sunny optimism and a disco-influenced swagger. (6.5/10)

Bettie Serveert – Unsane

Though the bassline might be a little ‘Beat It’ the rhythm makes the record and, when tied in with Serveert’s catchy vocals and the strong production work, makes for a good single. (7/10)

Carl Louis feat. Frøder - Come With Me

‘Come With Me’ is a funky, throbbing disco and bhangra-influenced number with a crisp enthusiasm and a delightfully clubby feeling that stands head and shoulders above the others in the genre, sounding like the fresh early work of Fatboy Slim or similar. (7.5/10)

Creepy Neighbour – Be Friends

‘Be Friends’ is a club-focussed number with the drum machine set to an unruly fast tempo and the lead vocals set to repeating the title and variations on it. Over produced, it has some strong moments but it’s a bit overwhelming at times and could do with having been pulled back in the studio. But there’s plenty of energy there in this sub-3-minute composition and the chorus does show its hooks after a few spins. (6.5/10)

Dan Wilde – Nobody Home

‘Nobody Home’ is a smooth, Irish tinged soft-rock ballad with Wilde’s delightful vocals being the hook into its steady, emotional rhythm and lyrics. Relaxing but with lyrical bite, and the mouth organ works well. (7/10)

Flaunt – Vows

‘Vows’ is a poppy mid-tempo slice of indie with throwbacks to Orson (remember them?). Catchier with each spin, this is full of vocal hooks, sing-a-long moments and a sunny optimism. (7/10)

Hurtling – Feel It

Sounding gruffer than Bonnie Tyler and with a rockier backing, ‘Feel It’ is a guitar-heavy gritty piece that takes a few spins to settle in but when you does you’ll enjoy its old-style rock sound but with crisp modern production. (6.5/10)
The Korvids – Bad Faith (Gary Katz Remix)

With hints of Chromeo this is a sunny, funky remix that sounds like the seventies if falsetto was even more common. It’s not quite a party starter but will slot into a modern disco playlist quite comfortably. (6.5/10)

Sarah Walk – Still Frames

‘Still Frames’ is a smooth and gentle ballad about love, which is nothing unusual in the music world, but is packaged nicely in a touching, well sung, and simply produced way. (7/10)

Tusks – Toronto

Held together by the delightfully gentle and alluring voice of the lead singer, this is an atmospheric, almost distant, song but there’s a heart and drama to it that lifts it into something that must be heard. (6.5/10)

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