Thursday, 18 May 2017

New Music Review #54

It's time for another ten tracks you need to hear!

AstroVoyager - First Lights

With hints of dark industrial elements 'First Lights' mixes Moby, Fatboy Slim and Robert Miles into an atmospheric soundscape. (7/10)

Hebe - Tell Me

'Tell Me' is a cool, calming indie number with Hebe's delightfully calm and alluring vocals taking centre stage. Lovely. (6.5/10)

January Thompson - Whelmed 

'Whelmed' is the single single from January's current album and is another beautifully crafted and sung ballad that is dreamy in its delivery. (6.5/10)

Mauro Dirago - Slave For You

With hints of Sting in his melancholic saxophone line, this is a delightfully silky and undulating number that ticks all the right boxes. (7/10)

Seyi Shay - Yolo Yolo

Sounding like Rihanna before she went more commercial, this samba-influenced number might be making illusions to a capitalised YOLO but even if not its an uplifting ska-style song with a vibrant multi-colour heart. (6.5/10)

THE SLVR TONGUES - Ain't Just the Whiskey

This follow-up to their last single may be more stripped back but the harmonies, country-pop tinges and subtle yet enjoyable production still ear-mark them as a strong contender on the country scene. (7/10)

Sweet Tempest - Colourful Rain

As gentle as their track below but more memorable and poppier in its laid-back vibe, this is a strong yet sweet number. (7/10)

Sweet Tempest - Empty Box

'Empty Box' is a gentle, underlating track that offers a calming and relaxing mood to anyone who listens to it. Subtle but involving. (6/10)

Tallia Storm - Still In Love

With plenty of attitude and production effects to give the vocals some bite, this is a sunny, catchy, laid-back number with summery swagger like a beefier Eliza Doolittle sound. Great. (7/10)

This Party - Lover

Though the production may be a little quiet and lacking in depth the song itself is a nice slice of indie-pop that does what it needs to do in its two-and-half-minutes run time with a fun guitar and vocal hook. (6.5/10)

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