Friday, 19 May 2017

New Music Review #55

Here's another ten songs that are must hears!

Cajsa Siik - Empire Mine

With some nicely ethereal vocals Cajsa Silk makes this low-key indie number rather listenable and sultry, and makes for a very enjoyable laid-back listen. (7/10)

Close Talker - Waking Up

'Waking Up' is a gentle, calming indie number that doesn't do anything huge but is great in its commitment to being a cool, crisp little hit. (6.5/10)

Harbottle & Jonas - Northumberland

With strong hints of country this is a rather subdued and downbeat number but has enough heart in its lyrical longing for the northern county to hold your attention, and the musicianship on display is great. (6.5/10)

Quiet Domino - Metropelium

With a surprisingly central keyboard riff and a mixture of electronic quirks and vocal effects, this perhaps doesn't jump out of your speakers much but is fun in its variety and commitment to its cause. (6.5/10)

Sharon Shannon - Sacred Earth

This accordion-hefty instrumental is upbeat, quirky and summery and though lacks the hooks you'd get with a vocal track is a pleasantly developing and toe-tapping number. (6.5/10)

Sir Reginald - Stand Up

With a ska theme woven into a perky keyboard riffs and summery vocals this is a fun warm toe-tapper for fans of something a little happier. (6.5/10)

tape.machines - Dirty Linen Sheets

The choruses may descend into stereotypical electronic-club in its chorus but otherwise it's a stripped back, crisp electro number with an ear-pleasing hook. (6/10)

Sam Gleaves - When We Love

'When We Love' is a beautifully little stripped back country song with a strong message and some well phrased political commentary hidden amongst the lyrics and calm delivery. Delightful. (7/10)

Taylorville - Cherry Pie

Some if its lyrics may be a little weird but the central catchy chorus really works and the production builds to something rather summery, poppy and fun. (7/10)

TOFFE - Painting Pictures

TOFFE's 'Painting Pictures' may have taken a year to get to our ears but this stripped back indie song has the hallmarks of a great radio-friendly number that grows with each listen. (7/10)

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