Wednesday, 17 May 2017

New Music Review #53

Another ten songs for you to hear!

AJR featuring Louisa Johnson - Weak (Stay Strong Remix)

When you first hear the verses you think it's going to be a standard dance-pop crossover but the bridge and chorus will surprise you with a big catchy hook. Great. (7.5/10)

Belle VEX - Make It Good For Her

Belle VEX is back with this twist on his style, adding a funkier, poppier riff to his usual sound, and it's a well timed change. Great. (7/10)

Delta Howl - Reach The Shore

There's a country tinge to this track with its catchy 'Be your man' hook and its quirky production style that sees it abruptly stop two-thirds in to then offer you more. (7/10)

Eazy Man - Man Like This

Chock full of pop culture references amongst its grime cliches this is a crisp, well produced number that is a bit more accessible and cross genre than its contemporaries. (7/10)

Fjokra - Sick Kids

With hints of bhangra in its production this is a quirky crossover tracks that mashes up many genres into an addictive and hook-filled number that isn't afraid to do something different. (7.5/10)

IAMU feat. Bluey Robinson - Falling Stars

'Falling Stars' is a smooth, well produced electronic number with a pleasant stripped back feel that is as perky as it is calming. (6/10)

Kasabian - Bless This Acid House

The second cut from their latest album this is a surprisingly retro-sounding number but one with a windows-down catchy central chorus. (7.5/10)

Lady Leshurr - Juice

Channeling Missy Elliot in parts 'Juice' might be urban music with its tongue firmly in its cheek but it's catchy and fun, though the song runs out of ideas about 2 minutes in. (6/10)

The Tide - Put The Cuffs On Me

A strange mix of indie-rock and club music that works better when it focusses on the former, though the latter is an interesting production decision. Surprisingly fun. (7/10)

Yes Lad - Walk Away

It might sound like generic boy band fodder but as far as that genre goes this is quite good - harmless poppy fun. (6.5/10)

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