Saturday, 26 November 2016


FELIN release their genre-hopping self-titled EP, a quickly catchy selection of five songs that begins with the fast-paced hook-lead pop-punky number 'Revolt' that is a great all-energy starting point. Follow-up 'Gossip' shifts into power ballad territory, its stripped-back piano riff leaving space for the hefty vocals to breath before the poppier chorus soars higher. With darker undertones and a strong string-breakdown, it's two out of two in terms of great openers.

'Destruction Therapy' goes even darker, with an industrial-style opening before it switches to a more Goldfrapp meets the Pretty Reckless vibe. Full of energy and attitude this is a ballsy punky piece that will hit you between the eyes with its live-tinged kicking feel.

'In Your Arms' is another strong song with a rockier feel, it's stuttering-style chorus proving to be pretty catchier, once more the lead vocals and clear music layering working well in conjunction. The best of the five tracks, this feels like one that could squeeze onto radio quite easily.

The impressive EP concludes with 'Love and Forget', which switches again, down to a slower piece. Though not as hooky as the other four tracks there's plenty of power in the vocals and music and feels like a strong end to a great EP that I won't hesitate in recommending thanks to its crisp production, strong lead vocals and varied styles. (7.5/10)

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