Wednesday, 16 November 2016

KBPS Review - Lee Rasdall-Dove - Head in the Clouds

Grassy chines, the balloon ride in the park, and the crazy golf: three great things you can enjoy in Bournemouth, and we can now add a fourth to the list - Lee Rasdall-Dove. His four-track EP is out now all with a strong folk-feel with catchy stripped-back rhythms. 'Cynthia' is a touching, multi-layered love song that has shades of Ed Sheeran meets the eighties. 'Pure' starts off lighter before switching into an off-beat style piece and then into something with a more soaring chorus.

'Little Brick Wall' is a little funkier with a slight ska-vibe that offers something a little fresher whilst the titular closer has a strong guitar opener and some quick-delivered lyrics that build up the rhythm into something that releases in the neat, energy-packed chorus.

'Head in the Clouds' is a simple, stripped back release with four strong ideas for songs well delivered. (7/10)

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