Wednesday, 16 November 2016

KBPS Review: Ms. Henrik - Fake and Copy

Sometimes something comes up for a review that immediately grabs me, and this is the case with 'Fake and Copy', a nine-track bouncy, eccentric pop album from the enigmatic Ms. Henrik. Sounding like a cross between eighties electropop and Royksopp with smatterings of vocoder, it's a perky, uplifting hook-filled release.

It starts on fine form with 'Fake What You Feel', a quirky, free-flowing pop number with lyrics that are as intriguing as the production and multi-layered instrumentation and effects. Lead singer 'Like Lovers Do' follows and is one of the best on the album, a catchy Europop number with a funky rhythm and a huge chorus that will stick in your head thanks to its speed, variety and unusual pronunciation, alongside it's 'make it louder' hook.

The fun continues with 'Never Put Your Guns Down' which again matches the quirky vocals and effects into a heady package. Things get a little weirder on the unusually titled 'When Mike Watt Lost D. Boon' which is actually at a slower pace.than much of the album but no less wacky.

'Blessed are the Bald Men' is a crazy title but keeps the pop vibe going whilst 'Cut Down on Everyone' is a more gentle swagger of a track. 'Get The Hate' is another one of my favourites of the album thanks to its wacky lyrics and fun vibe, though the dance-instrumental 'Copy What I Think' feels like the black sheep of the record.

Finally, 'Banshee' is the next people track and possibly quite a straight forward track to wrap things up with, with one of the most commercial friendly hook on the record.

'Fake and Copy' is fun, quirky and well produced, and brought a musical smile to my face on a cold November evening. (7.5/10)

Fake and Copy by Ms. Henrik is out Friday 18th November.

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