Saturday, 12 November 2016

New Music Review #1

Our regular look at new releases we're sent or find for your listening and viewing pleasure!

Anton Ewald - Devil

With pop-rnb influences, 'Devil' channels Michael Jackson and Usher into a funky number that gives Akon a run for his money in vibe. The verses are perhaps not as big as the chorus, but it's a memorable little number with plenty of attitude. (7/10)

A Tree Grows - Wau Wau Water
A smooth, jazzy instrumental number that doesn't really make much progress over its four minute running time in terms of development but is a calming, laid-back listen with enough positivity to hold together (6/10)

Coco feat. Shola Ama & Deep Green- Waters Run Deep

A great balance of the poppy vocals of the chorus and the grittier rap verses, with lyrics that for a change from recent releases in the genre manages to avoid the usual distasteful tropes. A strong mid-tempo fusion of hip-hop and more balladic moments. (7/10)

DiRTY RADiO - True Love

Hailing from Vancouver, DiRTY RADiO hit out with 'True Love', a funky, hand-clap driven rnb track that rolls along with energy and power and builds to a catchy, radio-friendly chorus that will get you humming along. It does struggle with some of the familiar dance production cliches but shines through them. (7/10)

Flora Cash - Sadness Is Taking Over

With shades of 'Oh Wonder', this is a delightfully downbeat number with a haunting instrumental and a beautiful dual vocal style. Hauntingly dark, but hauntingly good. (7/10)

Hello Casanova - I'll Be Waiting

'I'll Be Waiting' is like Blink 182 with a better producer. It's a fun, catchy punk-rock number with a sing-a-long chorus and a solid production backing, mixing in shades of Kasabian and Kings of Leon into the pop-punk mix. (7/10)

Hollis Brown - Run Right To You

'Run Right To You' is a retro-sounding number with hefty production and over-produced instrumentation, but the throw-back vibe really works and the sixties-styling suits the lead vocalist and the song. (6.5/10)

Mila Falls - Guilty Pleasure

'Guilty Pleasure' is a quickly catchy funky and soulful number. Mila Falls' vocals are a delight to here and the production, instrumentation, lyrics and flow all work together to create a delightful four-minutes of music. (8/10)

Ms Henrik - Banshee

This falsetto-led indie hit feels like it's ripped directly from an advert that would become better known for its music than its actual product. The lead vocals are slightly wacky but work and the stripped back, funky music, really suits it. Gentle, yet strong, with a fun electronic instrumental break-down half-way through. (7/10)

White Eskimo - Game Time

The new single from Manchester-based 'White Eskimo' is a Green-Day-esque toe-tapping indie number with a simple yet engaging drum riff, fast-paced guitar and a building verse that gets you pumped for the catchy chorus. (7/10)

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