Sunday, 13 November 2016

Review: Deacon Blue - The Believers

Deacon Blue are back with their ninth studio album and the third since their comeback. The album opens with title track and the lead single and it's a catchy, pop-friendly number that has 'radio friendly' practically etched into it, lead by the uplifting chorus and the Keane-like piano.

'This Is A Love Song' is a similarly uptempo and uplifting pop song and though perhaps edging a little further into cheese territory it's still a fun pop number. 'I Will and I Won't' is the first obligatory ballad but it's well done thanks to the harmony of vocals. It's a little saccharine and run of the mill lyrics-wise, but it's gentle and nice enough and its heart is in the right place.

'Meteors', with its 'yeah,yeah, yeah' hook is one of the best on the album, whilst 'Gone' is a bouncier pop number and my favourite on the album thanks to its big, overblown chorus like a faster 'Brown Eyed Girl'. 

'What I Left Out' and 'A Boy' are more harmonised ballads; 'Birds' continues in a very similar vibe; 'You Can't Know Everything' is a bit more distinctive thanks to its vocals and focus on piano, but still in a similar ballpark; and 'Delivery Man' again wins with the lyrics and stands out from its musical neighbours but doesn't break new ground musically.

'Come Awake' has an apocalyptic feel to its harmonised words before the album finishes with the short string-led instrumental number 'B Boy'.

In a nutshell 'The Believers' is a strong listen over its 45-minute running time but aside from a handful of big pop numbers songs tend to merge together, but fans of Deacon Blue and those wanting something a little gentle and calming will find much to enjoy here. (6/10)

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