Monday, 21 November 2016

KBPS Interview: The Hallows

The Hallows are a London-based band made up of Sarah Rodriguez, Joe Rodriguez and Dave Pugh and they've just released their second single, the infectious 'Cardboard Love'. We spoke to Sarah and Joe ahead of the single's release on the 2nd December.

How would you describe your new single?
Sarah: It’s a bit of a moody, sultry song. It’s about being in a really horrible relationship and coming out the other side, brushing yourself off and looking forward. By the end of the song it hopefully comes off as more upbeat with a positive vibe than at the beginning.

Is it a personal song?
Sarah: I think it reflects back on situation that we can all draw on, experiences that maybe haven’t been the best. It’s an important way of getting those feelings out and putting them in a song and being able to channel that.
Joe: I’d like to state it has no relevance to Dave and I, honestly! We’re really decent guys!

As musicians you have backgrounds in different styles, so how does that work when making music as the Hallows?
Joe: It’s an interesting one really as we’ve got several bands that we relate to and really love, which are kind of touch points for us, we’ve all come from quite different backgrounds musically. For me I was always into grunge and alternative rock band in the day and Sarah’s probably come from a more melodic background.
Sarah: Yeah, but also quite rocky as well. My folks brought me up on AC/DC and Pink Floyd.
Joe: You can’t go wrong with the DC!
Sarah: I’ve always got time for them! For me and Dave we’ve been brought up with quite a bit of classical influence too, so I think that comes across in our music, as classically-infused pop.
Joe: All in all it’s tended to work well. We don’t tend to disagree on many things so there must be something right in the mix!

As well as the music, you have the video out for ‘Cardboard Love’ which I believe you had an active role in creating?
Joe: Yeah, that was the bit of a product of a fevered dream! I woke up one morning in the really early hours, and we were struggling at the time to come up with a concept that would fit the vibe of the song, and basically I was getting vibes of a dark and moody secret society. That particular video spanned from there, and we got a demonic puppet involved and the rest is history as they say!

Are any of you successful card players then, looking at the video?
Sarah: I like to play cards but I wouldn’t say I’m successful by any measure, so I wouldn’t do well around the table with the demonic puppet!
Joe: I think Dave’s probably the most clued up cards player. Unless it’s snap I have no chance as I don’t understand the rules of most card games. I’m definitely the weak link on the card game side of things.
Sarah: That’s why we had the house band in the video so we don’t go anywhere near the card playing table!

You’re album ‘Of Time and Tides’ is out on the 13th January; how does that compare to the single?
Sarah: I think our album is quite varied. I would say it’s fundamentally pop but then we’ve drawn upon lots of different influences, so there are a few songs that are a bit heavier and a few songs that are a bit lighter and more cinematic in terms of their production. It’s very melody-driven so we try to be about the hook and so on.
Joe: We just want people to sing along, that’s what it’s all about for us.

The album was recorded on a vintage desk; was that a conscious choice and did it bring the sound to life?
Joe: We were really lucky as we got to work with our producers and Seb’s got some wonderful kit that really adds some weight and warmth to any of the recordings that we were doing. He also had a really good ear in trying to compliment the songs with the different sound palettes, so he was a really useful person to be involved in the whole creative process. The desk was lovely and I would recommend anyone looking to record to definitely drop by Riverside studios as that desk is awesome!
Sarah: It was stationed at the Royal Opera House so again it definitely helped contribute to our sound and the classical influence.

You’ve recently been performing live; how did those gigs go?
Sarah: They went really well! We’ve had three gigs in the last week in really quite different venues, but it’s been fantastic and we really feel like we’re getting into the groove of our live performance. I think when live we have a harder edge. I think our rock sensibilities come across more when we’re live.
Joe: It’s been nice to cut loose as the album is slightly more pop and shiny whereas live it’s a little more visceral and brutal, but we like a bit of that!
Sarah: If anyone wants to come and see us live we’re going to be playing in London again on the 16th December and another gig on the 17th which is for Oxjam.

Do you have any big ambitions for 2017?
Joe: We’re really, really hell-bent on getting into the festival scene next year, when that all starts to kick off. We’re very keen on getting out and playing and we’re already in the process of penning songs for our second album, out towards the end of next year. It’s all really go at the moment, it’s a vibrant and exciting time. It’s just finding the time to get everything done. It’s a bit manic but we’re loving it!

And finally it’s getting to the time of Christmas pop songs. As a group would you ever pen a Christmas single and what’s your festive pop tune of choice?
Joe: We’d definitely pen a festive pop song because if you have a successful one then you’re made really and you’re going to get that cheque.
Sarah: I’m a sucker for some sleigh bells so if I can get them into a song at any point I’ll be a happy lady. My favourite Christmas song would have to be one of the classics – ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’
Joe: I’d probably go with something more credible like the Pogues. But I think Sarah secretly wants the one by Mariah Carey.

Sarah: You can’t go wrong with that! Once you hear that song you know that Christmas is coming!

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